Emotional Cleansing: Feminine Sound Practice with Peruquois

Emotional Cleansing: Unleash and Release your emotional blockages and traumas

Peruquois' has workshopped with over 15,000 women in the last 20 years. Through these deep journeys with women Peruquois has created this unique transformational album to encourage women to release emotional blockages and traumas using music and voice soundscapes. Emotional Cleansing CD addresses 5 emotions: Anger, Grief, Fear, Ecstasy and Longing. These are core emotions that are vital to woman returning home to herself.

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Please note that Emotional Cleansing tracks above are only snippets of the album tracks. They are maximum 40% in length to get an idea of what Emotional Cleansing album is about.

Emotional Cleansing: Feminine Sound Practice with Peruquois introduction video

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How did you come up with the idea of this Emotional Cleansing CD?

Through my extensive workshops and deep retreats with women I consistently saw how women were afraid to unleash very deep emotion. And that in the space of a workshop where there are many women creating an energy of deep nourishment and loving support, and the presence of my voice and feminine energy that creates a safe holding for them, women find the place to trust themselves and totally let go. And also I may add then when earlier I felt strong emotions moving through me I found the most powerful way is to let them sound rather trying to sort them out by analyzing which were quite fruitless. So I went and sat on the Earth and let the emotion pour through me as sound. With non-sensical words. And I feel immensely still inside and enormously cleansed and healed. I understood that if I addressed this emotions in me I wouldn’t throw them at my partner or people I love. So my idea was to create a space where women can do that on their own whether they have already been at my workshops and want to dive into the emotional field or haven’t yet practiced with me.

Can you describe your CD, how have this space is been created?

I have created a soundscape it is almost like a womb soundscape, and made of the sounds women might have heard within the workshops as they are universal sounds that come through the feminine when woman letting it go. I recognized though my own journey of emotional release through singing and sounding in the place beyond the mind that there are different frequencies that arise from different emotions. We very used to put these emotions into words, “I feel so angry about this”, “I feel so sad about that” but when a woman sings what she is feeling not with words but actually with sounds that come out of the body that experience is so much bigger and so much more healing that whole body and soul are engage in a way that a word doesn’t engage. When the body is sounding it starts also naturally release through movement and the body is so intelligent when the rhythm is aligned with the emotion the body naturally moves itself to the release. All this factors went into the composition into the music to create this emotional soundscapes.

What emotions are on this CD?

I could have chosen 50 but I had to narrow it down to 5: fear, grief, anger, longing, ecstasy.

How did you chose this five?

I looked at whole plethora of human emotions and clustered them, then I chose 5 emotions out of several biggest clusters, these that women are constantly battling with. I picked up grief because it is so hard for women to release. I picked up anger because many women deal with it on a daily basis. I picked up fear because women make themselves small out of it. I picked up longing because so many women long to be with the men and the energy is misdirected outwards rather then grow inside, because longing is one of the great doors into t source. And I picked up ecstasy because this is our true nature, and there are not too many reflections in the world on true ecstasy and how to open that state in a woman.

What you’ve described sounds very potent. Will you bring some more emotions in the future as there are definitely some other emotions women have to deal with.

It is quite possible but it was quite a journey to stay in a particular emotion for several days for me and my sound engineer and my partner, though it was easier for musicians, my sound engineer winced when he new that the next day we have to continue working on a grief track because it made him so sad. It was a long month of creating this CD. But may be in a while I’ll look back into the emotional field and pick up another 5, as it is maximum one CD can hold.

Some reflections on Emotional Cleansing workshop album

«It is unbelievable how much anger I hid in me, and it took only 15 minutes to start releasing this vicious energy that paralyzed my whole life. Even the first play and «singing» along Anger track nearly made me vomit with all the bile that was poisoning my life. I feel so relieved after practicing Anger for 3 days. It is a miracle, thank you Peruquois», — Marina, New York

«Emotional Cleansing changed my life! I feel like a new person now, like a newly born out of emotional play I've been entangled for so many years!», — Lauren, Melbourne

«I feel so grateful to you dear Peruquois for this gift. This enormous grief I carried in me is now gone. I feel totally purified and free and invigorated», — Kristiina, Tallinn

«I have been doing practices for the last 15 years but never encountered anything as powerful direct and helpful as Emotional Cleansing, thank you Peruquois for the beautiful practice you shared with all us women», — Michelle, Amsterdam

«I have always wanted to work with my fear, and never really got to do it… Last night, I tried your CD, and WOW. I did it in complete darkness, and seriously wanted to run away as far as I could from that deep emotion… Your work is exactly what I have been looking for!», — Christine, South America

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Additional video: Peruquois explaines how to move with certain emotions along with Emotional Cleansing music and voice



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