Love's Deepest Calling

Peruquois waves intoxicating chant spoken word and sacred song with Middle Eastern stringed and wind instruments, lush strings tabla and ambient beats

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Love's Deepest Calling
  1. Nothing's As It Seems
  2. Ecstasy
  3. She
  4. I Am Radiant
  5. Inside Of Me
  6. Silence
  7. Divine Lover Of Woman
  8. Every Moment Is Sacred

Sensual touching and soft-spoken this lounge album will caress you back into the world of feelings, emotions and place where the Love resides.

Elegantly arranged sweet and enchanting this CD is a perfect companion in a car, in your lounge room or in bed.

Nothing as it Seems invites you into an exploration of unknown. Profound lyrics would put you on the journey to shift frontiers of limitations.

Ecstasy is there to serve its purpose – bring this beautiful feeling into your life. Enrich it with sensual awakening and deep dive into the world of pleasure.

Each Peruquois album has a tribute to Woman or Feminine principle. She flawlessly does that job. The song is a profound celebration of what it is to be a woman. The beauty, the innocence, the vulnerability, the power of women as creatresses of life and protectors of love. Absolute Peruquois classics!

What love brings to our life? Amongst many things yet definitely noticeable – radiance! You will notice how your radiance glow just after 5 minutes of listening to this song. First step is being made!

Invitation to the inner world of a woman this beautiful never ending journey – Inside of me – to be savored by every woman! And hailed by every man!

Silence is what behind every sound. It is where it is born it is where it go to after. A stunning reminder of that never ending life cycle and of the place where we all came from and where we all go to.

This love-centered album wouldn’t be complete without a song celebrating man. Divine Lover of Woman, one of his many faces. The song is sensual, inviting, and praising the true masculine — the one every woman longs for.

Every Moment is Sacred – is the song where the name says it all. When we allow love to guide our life it is so true and into this truth Peruquois invites us all.

Download from 8.99€