Original Women’s Healing Mantras

Original Women’s Healing Mantras is a breakthrough EP. It presents completely new format of mantras done in modern day English for modern day Women!

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Original Women’s Healing Mantras
  1. Yoni mantra
  2. Womb mantra
  3. Intuition Mantra
  4. Breast Mantra

EP made it into the world by huge demand from women who participated at Peruquois most recent and the largest 1000 participants feminine practice workshop and her largest 350 women retreat.

Instead of waiting for a few months to complete Mantras LP, Peruquois followed women’s request and let first 3 of them be available right away. 

EP features 3 powerful and deeply healing English language mantras: Womb-Woman, My Yoni and Intuition. 

Powerful ancient form and the modern day language work in unison to give women empowering keys to heal deep traumas and make a step to reconnect with the most sacred centers in the body and innate state!

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