The Sacred Opening

Dedicated to woman, to her sensuality and opening into the essence of herself and the Mother Earth

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The Sacred Opening
  1. Ah-Wa-Nee
  2. Raga
  3. He-Yip Atoni
  4. A-Shama
  5. Ayoni Doa
  6. Open Me
  7. Ma-Hi-Ka
  8. Passages of Woman
  9. Sister
  10. Flute Peace
  11. Mamu Lammu

This unique album is all about woman. It is hard to find a better one to reflect feminine essence than The Sacred Opening.

The main music feature of the album is allegation of ancient Native Chants with a modern interpretation of music. With the balance tipped towards ancient mysticism allowing timelessness drip into our time bound life.

Imagine now ancient drum beat replaces clock tick in your head. Stopping time on one hand and opening the space in between your heartbeats into the unchartered territory of feminine spirit.

Ah-wa-nee sensual feminine chant sung on the most ancient Mother Tongue with beautiful English lyric insert works and a entering guide for the album.

Vedic knowledge beauty place in between the notes of Indian classic piece Raga is so enchanting the song belongs to be put on repeat.

Healing Hi-Yep Atoni is soft and soothing. One of all time favorite chants ever performed by Peruquois.

Absolute Peruquois classic chant A-Shama is deep and powerful tribute to Motherhood and Mother in all her forms. To the Great Mother – the feminine life giving principle, to the personal Mother and all her impersonal manifestations.  It feel truly mystical and profoundly empowering letting goose bumps dance for the hole listening time.

The album got its name from the chant Ayoni-Doa that celebrates woman’s Yoni, her sacred opening. Door to her primal essence, her flower to be opened in the presence of love.

The idea of opening finds it’s continuation in English language piece Open Me. Dive into the sensual feminine lyrics. Allow the song to open you up…

The CD keeps it’s logic alive with the naturally coming proclamation of love, ancient chant Ma-he-ka comes in the full swing next. Man and woman love vows resonate through the ages in this time shattering track.

Passages of Woman is a beautiful ride along the joy and privilege to be born in a woman’s body. Ravel with Peruquois letting her velvet voice and touching lyrics lead you back to your feminine origin.

The next song is also in English – Sister is not just a song it is more of a calling for women to slow down, get our of masculine driven routine, out of hard edged competition to restore trust and find support in one another. Such a needed reminder in our technology driven uber-comparative time.

Enchanting Flute Piece and an interesting remake of Mammu Lammu from CD Awaken the Snake wrapping up this excellent album that will make you feel like an inspired empowered woman who has a recognized place in a modern world.

Download from 8.99€