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Breathing Love

The mystical romance of the Indian flute, intoxicating layers of chant and sensuous Peruquois vocal

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Breathing Love
  1. Sun Of Inspiration
  2. My Devotion
  3. Kissing The Spirit Awake
  4. Come My Love

Tantra music for awakening lovers

Yes, this is it. Now you've got the point why this CD has only 4 yet long songs making total listening time 60 minutes…

Making love shouldn't be in a hurry. There is time for movement and time for taking breath… love breathes. It breathes when you are with a partner or when you are alone.

This beautiful album serves many purposes yet the main one is to keep the love awake. Keep the romance alive. Keep the stream flowing. 

Yes, keep moving, keep breathing… along the mystical sounds of the Indian flute, intoxicating layers of sensuous Peruquois vocal. Undulating rhythms of eastern temple drums, stringed instruments and lush keyboards. 

Be seduced into total openness and listening bliss.

Sun of Inspiration

Come my love
Pour your sacred fire into my darkness
And light up this house of life
For without your hearth to warm it
It is cold and sleeping
Like the still dark frozen earth under the winter’s snow
I wait for your radiant love to burst open
Every bud and blossom
That has not even contemplated life
You are the first ray of spring
You are the sun of inspiration
In my house and garden of being
Come my love Come my love
My surrender
Is that I love you man
With a burning passion
My greatest fulfilment comes from my eternal lover
And he is nameless, faceless, formless
And when you disappear into his goldenness
I am at your feet in sweet sweet surrender
Come my love, golden and new
The sun of inspiration is burning inside of you

My Devotion

At your river I sit nakedly
Flowing inside, your secrets revealed
Taking me back to the source
Where the mountains make love with the clouds
The clouds let out their ecstatic cries
Tears of joy rain down from the grateful skies
A Celebration pours down the mountain peaks
Into her valleys she revels sweetly
The river of love is made
Between the earth and the sky
Lovers play
The clouds let out their ecstatic cries
Tears of joy rain down from the grateful skies
Such stillness in motion
Your pour through me beloved
In this endless river of devotion
The mountains are nourished by your raining passion
The sands are contoured by your artful loving
The sun arouses the morning mists
To romance with the clouds
It is you Beloved
Drawing me into the endless ocean
All lovers flow in the river of devotion
All lovers grow in the river of devotion

Kissing the Spirit Awake

Let’s make love like it’s the last breath on Earth we’ll take
Dissolving all of our past and future away
Listen with the whole body the silent voice of the heart
Touching so tenderly open abandonly loving your presence
Let’s make love all the way home til we fall in the void
In the womb of creation where lovers are re-born
Planting our roots in Earth with our love like the trees
This union is blessing our life with a new way of being
Eyes to eyes lips to lips consciously one life we breathe
This union is blessing the Earth with a new sacred seed
Let’s make love like it’s the last breath on Earth we’ll take
Kissing the spirit inside each other awake
I give myself to you

Come my love

Come my love
I’m at your feet in sweet sweet surrender
Come my love
You are the Sun of inspiration
In house and garden of being

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