I am Woman

Sensual empowering new Peruquois CD address all of contemporary woman major inspirations and struggles

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I am Woman
  1. Be Yourself
  2. Helplessly Human
  3. Just a Mother
  4. She
  5. Proud To Be A Woman
  6. When Will My Lover Come
  7. Love’s Letting Go
  8. Beloved, I am Calling You
  9. You Are Amazing
  10. Let The Shakti In
  11. I Am Not A Good Girl

I am Woman is a signature Peruquois CD. With this album Peruquois proves that her music can have contemporary vibe yet radiate the very depth of her essence through these groovy songs enriched with profound conscious lyrics.

She managed to re-invigorate her jazz roots with soul/blues fleur, spice it with a little bit of chill and pop and made her message to the World sound inspiring and elevating.

As another beautiful note to this CD is that despite the fact that majority of the songs have wide appeal they have a very personal intimate touch. Such a rare phenomenon in a modern day and age.

Be Yourself (the song Peruquois wrote to her daughter) has already become hit in itself. It’s a part of Instagram culture, floating across myriad of stories made by women who film their most inspiring mornings!

You Are Amazing (the song written to her husband) has such a powerful story behind that it is almost guaranteed and you’d drop a tear or many of them listening to this devotional confession to love.

Just a Mother (the song about Peruquois mother) is deeply touching ballad. This is a true “cry me a river” composition. Honest uncomfortable yet it is a must hear to almost everyone on the Earth. This heart wrenching song crosses that personal field closer to the end making it a great reminder for all of us to look into our own mother’s eyes. And finally ask her what we haven’t asked in all these years.

Moving on from very personal stories into the ones with universal appeal first one to listen into is She – soft loving deep evocative… it is there to take you into its embrace and help you to surrender to the beauty of being a woman in a modern world.

And now when you ready… it is time for Proud to be a Woman – headliner song for Peruquois Woman’s guide to Wholesome Period video course.

Bold inspiring lyrics crossing many taboos for a woman. The song is here to help women to accept the very wisdom and power of their menstrual cycle. The very essence that makes us women! Bravo!

Feminine empowerment is developed even more in a blockbuster I am not a good Girl – headliner from same name video course!

It is time to stop this sneaky psychotic syndrome from strangling women across the planet. It is time to accept our true nature and let our innate woman rise! This song is a potent manifest of a new woman! Guaranteed hit! 

On an energetic level Peruquois take a dive into the very essence of feminine nature with her sensual touching song Let the Shakti in – a great tune to dance to and yes, open up to that beautiful energy rising in your body!

If we move into the love field we will see that there are several interesting songs representing a woman relationship to love. 

There is Love’s Letting Go – headliner of same name Peruquois online video course – opening the topic of dropping the shackles of past loves.

There are Beloved, I am Calling You and When will my lover come, both standing as a part of Calling your True Love online video course. Both songs not just represent the online lessons with Peruquois but provide unique perspective on what it takes to call a real love into your life.

To keep on exploration of the topic of love, when a man is already a part of your love listen to Journey of Love. Amazing beautiful touching composition to listen with your partner and open a new chapter on that journey.

I am a Woman is a CD to enjoy in many occasion – a great reminder of a power and vulnerability and wisdom and all these chaotic creative empowering states a woman is!

Download from 9.99€