Gayatri Mantra and Mantra OM DOWNLOAD

Gayatri Mantra and Mantra OM

These 2 mantras are enough for you to touch the depth of Vedic knowledge. And more than just touch, surrender and commune.

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Gayatri Mantra and Mantra OM
  1. Introduction
  2. Aum Mantra Explanation
  3. Breath Practice
  4. A-u-m Mantra — Sound by Sound
  5. Aum Mantra Practice
  6. Gayatri Mantra Explanation
  7. Gayatri Mantra Practice
  8. Gayatri Mantra Practice with Invocation Explanation
  9. Gayatri Mantra with Invocation Practice

It is truly a mystical journey. Deep in and out.

If you would have to chose only one mantra to learn and practice it must have been OM. And if you have to stop at 2 then definitely Gayatri should be included in the selection. 

The way how Peruquois shares these 2 most powerful mantras is just incredible. Never these ancient sounds were set to resonate into the world with such might depth and sheer power as in this CD. 

You will receive not only profound understanding of mantras but also the way the sound is born inside of your inner cosmos to unite it with external one.

The simple OM that you hear in every yoga class would never vibrate in you in the same way as before after doing it with Peruquois. It would become your cosmic friend, your guide, the key to the source you've only heard about before. 

You will also master a different version of Gayatri – not known in the West. The one that contains invocations to 7 realms which you may associate with 7 chakras.This version would let you experience far more depth and power than any version you've ever heard in any yoga class or bajan circle.

Co-produced and engineered by Benjamin Last

Track 9 — Gayatri Mantra with Invocations 


om tat savitur varenyam

bhargo devasya dhi mahi

dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

Om apo jyotih rasomritam 
bhur bhuvas suvar 

Download from 19.99€

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