Opening The Sacred Voice

A women's chant workshop album to sing along Peruquois at home

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Opening The Sacred Voice
  1. Om
  2. Blood Of The Earth
  3. I Am She
  4. Mother Hear Me Calling
  5. Eastern Chant Bed
  6. Native Chant Bed
  7. He-ya Ho Ho Earth Chant

Opening The Sacred Voice is the first album where Peruquois stepped into the zone of merging her music world with her world of feminine teaching. 

It is a feminine album on every level, recorded by woman to all women. It aims to bring us women into union with their essence and the source of feminine energy.

The CD opens with a root mantra – OM – an invitation to inner world. Powerful Peruquois voice is a perfect match for the deep sounds that they say created the world.

When we are ready to meet the depth inside the profound lyric Blood of the Earth comes to hail every woman, her beauty, her wisdom and her timeless life giving power!

It is now time to feel how all of us are rooted at the same feminine source, this primal wellspring of our energy that feeds us all – welcome and sing along with I am She!

Calling for guidance and help to the Great Mother, to the mothering principle if we may say so is the main theme of Mother Hear me Calling. This song will give you goose bumps as well as bring back the life assuring feeling that we all need so much.

Eastern Chant Bed and Native Chant Bed are two tracks that have only music and no Peruquois vocals. They are widely used for creating vision songs that Peruquois teaches women in some of her courses. It is a beautiful way to begin exploring your creativity especially for non-singers.

Heya Ho Ho is a chant on a Mother Tongue, this original root Earth language. It proclaims the unity with oneself, the Earth, the community. Bringing all the experiences together. Beautiful and empowering way to finish the journey of Opening the Sacred Voice.

Download from 8.99€