Awaken The Snake

Dedicated to the awakening of our true connection to ourselves, to the Earth and each other

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Awaken The Snake
  1. Awaken The Snake
  2. Mammu Lammu
  3. Soulfire
  4. The Sacred Hoop
  5. The Trilogy Of The Hunt
  6. Mia Chi Chi
  7. Pool Of Love
  8. Dream

Where ancient meets the sound of modern World Music

Awaken the Snake is a fusion of many cultures and style that has a wide appeal. It transcends music genres allowing the listener to go on the journey to the primal roots with class.

Awaken the Snake is diverse not only musically but thematically as well. Yet the common theme of rooting here on Earth, living the life to its fullest as a human being is the thread that flawlessly stitches the variety of songs together.

Classic Peruquois “hit” Awaken the Snake, the song the album is named after, and a sheer favorite with Tribal Fusion dance community, open the CD with it’s vigor and off-jazzy flavor.

Funky Mammu Lammu steps in next merging ancient native chant sung in the Mother Tongue (considered to be the most ancient tongue spoken by people) with dynamic groove. It’s a pleasure to dance to, or simply let your head go loose along with the swing.

Another Peruquois blockbuster that used to be consistently selected as closing song for her Live performances Soulfire addresses one of the most important challenges of modern society. Being an absolute powerhouse the song takes you into the depths with its fast potent dynamism. Enjoy, you have been forewarned.

Ancient prophesy for Earth Changes (or as we call part of it Climate Change) intertwined with Peruquois philosophy addressing new way of living for us contemporary people to bring balance back to the Planet is reflected in deep lyrics of Sacred Hoop.

Chant of pure power, Trilogy of Hunt will make adrenaline pump in your veins. We almost forgot how men and women unite their intention, their force as one to reach the goal as “We” rather than as “I”. 

Soft Mia Chi Chi and Pool of Love address the eternal theme. Love and proclamation of it to each other is what we have at the beginning and the end of the day.

Mystical Dream, written for Peruquois daughter as a bedtime song will take you deep into the dream zone. Surrender and enjoy.

Download from 8.99€