The only Peruquois workshop on Bali

PARQ Ubud, Ubud, Bali

The only Peruquois workshop on Bali that has been renowned worldwide for its opening and empowering effect on women's lives.

It is the point of new beginning for you. The moment to step out of self-doubt, fog of critical cruel thoughts about yourself, leave the feeling of not-enoughness behind. Re-connect with your true feminine essence.  

It's time for the very core of your feminine essence to open up and become your sole guide in this life!

I invite you to safe space of my deep care and love for women that serves millions on the planet here at a beautiful space of PARQ Ubud.

This is the first Peruquois workshop on Bali

For many years Peruquois has been receiving invitations to come and share her incredible and absolutely unique practices that help every one of us to start feeling woman again. And finally the dream come true! February 24, it is time when you would feel this touch of magic and eternity and inhale the fragrance of divine amrita of your feminine nature.

About Peruquois

Peruquois is the living source of wholesome knowledge of how to truly live as a woman in a modern world. Her personal techniques, methods and practices has no match in terms of efficiency and profoundness of life changing results. 

27 years of workshop facilitation, based solely on her unique practices 

Women from 63 countries practiced with Peruquois

More than 1 million women changed their lives for better using Peruquois techniques 

Peruquois online-courses satisfaction rate is astonishing 98 out of 100!

On Peruquois

Worskhop at PARQ Ubud

We set up the workshop with timing that is comfortable even if you are coming from other parts of the island

Start time: 2PM
End time: 7PM

There are 2 small intermissions planned. 

Little of theory and a lot of practices to bring profound changes to your life.

Excellent state of the art PARQ Ubud venue is the best place to hold such a workshop in Bali.

What is there for you

Ticket options

Book now to get a better rate than at the venue.

1. Standard

  1. Workshop participation

Fee: 239 199 Euros

 2. VIP

  1. Best seats in front of the stage
  2. Extra meeting with Peruquois at her mansion: tea, Q&A, and practices (Feb 25, 10:30-1:30)

Fee: 899 799 Euros

Important: This workshop is only for women.

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