I already have an order

  1. I haven't received an email with my order
  2. How to get access to all my orders
  3. I can't open my order
  4. How can I get access to my order from all my devices
  5. I can not log in with a social network
  6. I don't have an account in social networks. How can I get access to my order
  7. My Personal Account is attached to another person's social network
  8. I forgot my social network account password
  9. I deleted my social network account my order here was assigned to
  10. How long will I have an access to my orders?
  11. Audio/Video is not playing or there is no sound
  12. Audio/Video stops or interrupts
  13. Can I download an online-course video or audio
  14. How can I go to the next lesson inside a course
  15. Where can I see my course progress
  16. How can I download a music album

Should you have any unsolved issues please contact me