Secrets of Woman in Love

February 9, Dubai, UAE

«Secrets of Woman in Love» unique interactive concert by Peruquois for the first time comes to Dubai.

February 9, Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel&Towers, Baniyas Rd

Doors open: 5pm, concert starts: 6pm.

“Love is my main driving force. Following it’s guidance gives my life purpose, direction, strength, abundance and profoundly rich emotional world. The secrets of this experience I will share with you in this interactive concert”, — Peruquois

Who is Peruquois

  • Peruquois — #1 Australia World Music artist.*
  • She is a wellspring of knowledge about woman’s nature.** Through her songs Peruquois is unafraid to express woman’s true aspirations, longings, emotional and personal conditions.
  • Peruquois is an independent artist, composer lyricist – creatress of her own songs. She is a performer of the most feminine music on the planet.
  • For her unique voice she is being constantly named as Vocal Goddess, Voice Of Mother Earth etc.

The concert in Dubai

To create “Secrets of Woman in Love” Peruquois worked with the best musical talent, musicians who have Grammys and nomination for the prestigious award, who worked with artists like Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Coldplay, Christina Aguilera etc.

Each song for the concert hold keys for a woman how to trust love and life again, stay open to enormous potential of the world, master her emotional chaotic nature, drop the veil of shame and doubt, call for a true love and more…

Peruquois is not genre-locked. She blends elements of soul, jazz, pop, lounge, indian, native american music and more.

Yet the main feature of the concert is Peruquois’ voice that has power to stop time and open the floodgates of mystery.

You at the concert

  • Feel touched and inspired by presence of love.
  • Connect with your true self to hear the silent voice of your heart and experience the light touch of your intuition.
  • Open up to new directions in life.
  • Share the evening with amazing like-minded people and explore wonderful networking opportunities.

People on Peruquois

«In 35 years in music I never worked with a vocalist equal to Peruquois», — Tom Wasinger, 3-time Grammy winning music producer

«Her voice is shining into the world with the very essence of feminine nature», — Deva Premal, the most famous mantra singer

«I've never heard such voice – mystical, wickedly passionate and utterly unique. It is blowing my mind, just imagine you can witness it Live!», — Chuck Taylor, Billboard music critique

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Secrets of Woman in Love

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