Only Retreat 2019!

May 18-24, Red Valley, Sochi, Russia

Profound a deep experience Peruquois shared with women at her retreat in 2018 led to enourmous amount of requests to hold another retreat for women.

After careful consideration, Peruquois agreed to do 1 retreat in 2019. And the choice of location was obvious — the same gorgeous powerful stunning nourishing area in southern russian mountains — Red Valley (Krasnaya Polyana) near Sochi international airport.

Peruquois is open to share with women a deep journey into essence of feminine nature and the ways how to root in it in a daily life. It is a very profound experience in the very powerful nature!

Please note, it is the only Peruquois retreat for 2019! Peruquois doesn't plan to hold any of her 2-day Power of the Sacred Feminine workshops in 2019

Retreat is based on techniques and practices developed by Peruquois. They lead women into their depth power sexuality and beauty. Retreat gives keys and instruments how to keep yourself being rooted throughout daily life.

18-24 May 2018 — Red Valley/Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi, Russia)

What's there?

All the practices, methods and approaches that are being taught based on Peruquois' own exploration into the depth of feminine

  • Opening your inner power, beauty and deep feminine nature
  • Establishing wholesome relationship with yourself and the world. Inlcuding people, creativity, work, business, money.
  • Building a new foundation for life. The art of how to be a creatress of your own world, own life, and the events/people that you invite into it
  • Tuning into the state of health, abundance, bliss and love.
  • Rooting in your feminine. Keys, practices, advices, how to live your life wholesomely after the retreat is over.

There are 3 sessions per day: early morning, morning and afternnon. And there are 5 evening activities during this 7-day retreat.

5 evening activies include:

  • 2 Peruquois solo concerts (1 concert-meditation and 1 music concert)
  • 2 ecstatic dance parties
  • 1 satsang with Peruquois

Retreat fee depends on time of booking*
€770 till Feb 1
€840 till April 1
€900 till May 1
€990 till May 13
€1070 at the doors (if there is any space left)

For the first time the retreat is open to men of women participating in women's retreat!

Men sessions are separate from women ones. They are led by professional instructors in men practices: yoga, meditations, breathwork, massage, tantra.

There are 2 sessions for men per day: early morning and morning. Plus men participate in all evening activities! Mid-day is open for men to track and explore and connect unique nature of Krasnaya Polyana region: mountains, waterfalls, dolmains and much more!

There is a flat fee for men — €290

If it is required the retreat space is safe and secure to bring little children that need regular mother care.

Please note:

1. Retreat fee — does not include transfer, accommodation or food
2. You may need russian visa to attend the event. It is quite easy to get russian tourist visa. (Our organisers will provide you with the information and links/emails)
3. There are multiple cheap flights to Sochi (most likely via Moscow) if you book ahead. Please explore potentially even cheaper option booking 2 separate flights: Your city -> Moscow and then Moscow -> Sochi. (For international flights [including Your City -> Sochi] you can check 3 major aggregators Skyscanner, OneTwoTrip and Momondo. For Russian leg i.e. Moscow to Sochi you can try Russian aggregator Tutu
4. We are working to make accommodation very affordable. 5* hotel bed&breakfast in a double room would be around 35 euros per person per night.
5. Red Valley/Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi, Russia) is extremely beautiful mountain ultra modern village in the middle of powerful nature. It is an Olympic ski resort place (for 2014 Sochi Olympics). As it was built in the middle of spectacular nature from scratch it is more modern than say any Alps ski resort towns. Expected day temperature +16-25C. Red Valley is a moutanin offsping of Sochi (some 30 min drive) which is a beautiful sub-tropical coastal city (Black Sea) with expected day temperature +18-27C.
6. Red Valley is 40 minutes drive from Sochi International Airport.
7. Please install Uber to get your rides. Russian Uber is very cheap. (Download Uber app for your phone from iTunes or Google Play. You can also download Yandex.Taxi app — russian analogue that recently acquired Uber.Russia)
8. If you decide to fly via Moscow consider doing it on 2 separate flight and give yourself 2-4 days stop over time. Moscow is absolutely awesome! Culturally, architecturally etc.

The retreat is going to book very quickly so please show your interest and book via

Watch Peruquois speaking about the retreat

*(booking with discounted fee requires making a publication about retreat in social media)

Only Retreat 2019!

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