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Woman's Guide to Wholesome Period

Move from pain and discomfort to the greatest realisation that your cycle is the key to your power, your inner wisdom and long lasting beauty

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Woman's Guide to Wholesome Period is an extensive 8-day online course!

This self-help practice online course has also a title song — all women anthem — Proud to be a Woman!

The online-course via thorough several discourses and deep guided meditations helps a woman to connect and get a better understanding of her menstrual cycle. Then it leads to exploration of sacred anatomy as well as power behind it. 
It is a very gentle and wholesome journey that leads a woman into a beautiful communion with the most potent inner guide of her life.

It truly touches and opens the very depth of feminine essence!

The course is structured by days and covers all days of the active part of the cycle!

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Lesson Plan

Take a deeper look into the course to have a better understanding of what awaits your inside. Watch the first two videos right here.

1. Peruquois intimately shares insights and wisdom from her pre bleed days

Prebleed days

  1. Peruquois intimately shares insights and wisdom from her pre bleed days

    Time to listen… our hormones are dropping fast and with it can come all kinds of emotions and reactions
  2. Introduction to cleansing anger practice

    How to let go of the building anger and frustration or just stuck emotions -instruction how to do the practice from Peruquois' emotional cleansing series
  3. Anger release practice

    Let go… time to release that built up anger frustration or even irrational rage.
  4. OM Rebalancing

    Tune into harmony after doing anger release practice

Preparation day

  1. Introduction to the course

    Peruquois outlines how to use the course, it is quite fluid as no bleed or cycle is the same
  2. Bleeding Commandments

    9 key insights to guide you into a loving healing celebration of your menstruation
  3. Presenting the course through personal stories

    An engaging and emotional discourse as Peruquois carves a visual pathway through a woman's menstrual passage
  4. Sacred space

    Lets get prepared creating the elements in your home for your sacred space for practice
  5. Your Feminine Calendar

    A discourse guiding you to explore your own feminine calendar, develop a relationship so that it can guide you wisely from within
  6. Discourse tampons vs pads

    An important revealing discourse
  7. Peruquois' husband speaks on his supportive role as a man during menstruation

    An engaging loving discourse … you may want to share with your partner
  8. Proud to be a woman theme song

    Listen and be inspired

Day 1- You are starting your bleed

  1. Introduction to opening the life channel practice throat and heart

    Instruction of how to do the releasing of the blockages in the throat and heart centres
  2. Open the throat heart channel practice

    It's time to let go in this releasing opening practice
  3. Do you suffer from menstrual pain discourse

    An informative discourse on why and what to do about menstrual pain
  4. Menstrual pain releif practice

    Peruquois' deeply nourishing breath practice that effectively releases pain. Just lay down on your bed or the earth, wrap in a blanket and put in your headphones.
  5. Bleeding blog

    Peruquois is in day one of her bleed sharing how she is feeling

Day 2

  1. Discourse nourishing the blood

    what makes for the quality of blood? What should I do, because with monthly blood we lose a lot of valuable minerals
  2. Introduction to bleeding meditation

    Preparation for meditation. All the important points of Peruquois' unique meditation of opening to the blood ,opening the womb and releasing the deepest emotion
  3. Hip stretch

    Before we meditate lets stretch and unclamp the hips
  4. Bleeding meditation

    Day 2
  5. Bleeding blog day 2

    Insights from Peruquois' morning meditation practice and the experience of the day being a heavy bleeding day

Day 3

  1. Hip stretch

    Before we meditate lets stretch and unclamp the hips
  2. Bleeding meditation 2

    Day 3
  3. Discourse The Pill and its effects on a woman's health

    Shocking revealing and important knowledge for you if you are on the pill or know someone you care about
  4. Introduction to gland nourishing sound practice

    Day 3
  5. Bleeding blog

    Insights into the vulnerability of bleeding and balancing doing creating and resting

Day 4

  1. Hip stretch

    Before we meditate lets stretch and unclamp the hips
  2. How to protect the hormonal system discourse

    You are what you eat and put on your skin
  3. Bleeding meditation 3

    Day 4
  4. Bleeding blog

    When we are deeply connecting through practice to our womb, what we ask for manifests quickly.

Day 5

  1. Bleeding meditation 3

  2. Discourse menstrual awareness in your community

    Lets get over this shame and create a supportive community honesty and education is the key
  3. Bleeding blog

    Energy is rising , Peruquois shares how radically different is day 5 now her bleed has come into very last stages

Day 6

  1. Bleeding Meditation

  2. Bleeding blog

    Day 6
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