Woman's Guide to Wholesome Period

Move from pain and discomfort to the greatest realisation that your cycle is the key to your power, your inner wisdom and long lasting beauty

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Woman's Guide to Wholesome Period is an extensive 8-day online course!

This self-help practice online course has also a title song — all women anthem — Proud to be a Woman!

The online-course via thorough several discourses and deep guided meditations helps a woman to connect and get a better understanding of her menstrual cycle. Then it leads to exploration of sacred anatomy as well as power behind it. 
It is a very gentle and wholesome journey that leads a woman into a beautiful communion with the most potent inner guide of her life.

It truly touches and opens the very depth of feminine essence!

The course is structured by days and covers all days of the active part of the cycle!

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Regular price: €109
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Lesson Plan

Prebleed days

Preparation day

Day 1- You are starting your bleed

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Regular price: €109
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Open up your true sensual orgasmic nature

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