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Vocal Yoga

A daily 30 minutes devotional singing practice designed to bring deep inner union and stillness of the mind.

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Imagine how sound is born in silence and you’d get an insight into why this Peruquois feminine sound practice is so effective.

This online video+audio course is an extended version of my classic «Vocal Yoga» CD that is now replaced with this course. 

Since I'm not limited by the maximum length of the CD format you will get more explanatory material and extra options to practice along me. Enjoy the beautiful process of opening up your voice either as a singer or speaker. Or just for the sake of pure pleasure. 

They say “In the beginning was the Word” yet clearly in the beginning was the sound born in silence. So it is the power of sound that gives the power of expression and the primal expression of our intention and of our body is being so effectively addressed in the set of Vocal Yoga exercises.

So, yes, Vocal Yoga is a short daily sound/breath practice for women to bring back confidence through the voice whether it is a speaking or singing one.

At the same time Vocal Yoga is deeply harmonizing course.  With breath sound and meditation it gives the power to unite and tune mind, body and spirit, if we allow such a view in on ourselves.

Created specifically for this course, meditation is one of the cornerstones of Vocal Yoga. It activates the most important centers in a woman’s body.

Another main feature that gives its yoga origin and its name is a practice based on 7 sacred Vedic sounds that invigorate the singing voice to improve tuning, strength, agility and subtlety.

And how could Vocal Yoga miss the OM mantra? Of course the sound that according to some sources created the Universe is there to wrap up the short 30-minutes exercise routine, to set you, the positive empowered, a deeply routed attitude to life.

So, don’t be surprised that in less than 2 weeks your friends won’t recognise your new voice – deep, almost velvet and empowered.

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Lesson Plan

Take a deeper look into the course to have a better understanding of what awaits your inside. Watch the first two videos right here.

1. Introduction to how vocal yoga will help grow you

  1. Introduction to how vocal yoga will help grow you

    Your commitment grows from understanding Vocal Yoga's transformative power
  2. Lets get to know the course structure

    Lets explore how the practice is designed
  3. Peruquois' Vocal Journey

    A rich and valuable story of Perquois' singing path filled with keys and inspiration
  4. How to breath whilst singing

    An in depth instruction on the how the diaphragms, the muscles the ribs are working to support a rooted singing breath
  5. Introduction to diaphragm breath practice

    A breath to grow your body's intelligence and strengthen the diaphragms to give you the power you need
  6. Diaphragm breath practice

    Lets begin practice to make your belly strong and rooted
  7. Meditation to open and root your connection between the earth your yoni and your throat.

    Sit on a the edge of a chair with your feet flat on the floor, legs and hips open or cross legged on the ground on a cushion.
  8. Singing OM practice

    This practice warms your voice center's your tuning and will take you to the bottom of your vocal range and back up to the root Om.
  9. Learning Seven Sacred Vedic Sounds

    Learn to correctly pronounce the Vedic sounds and how to sing the notes of Raag Bilawal — its easy especially when we don't think too hard.
  10. Seven Sacred sounds singing practice

    This is the quintessential practice to develop tuning strength and agility.The swaras are sung in different patterns increasing in tempo. Follow the written notes below until you don't need them
  11. Introduction to the practice of singing Alaap an improvisation to set the mood of the raag

    Sing Alaap, call and response, setting the feeling of the notes moving through the raag creatively in wonderful patterns. The instrument we sing to is the Tanpura
  12. Sing Alaap Practice

    I sing you sing… enjoy your voice and the beauty, your understanding of improvising will grow.
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