Vibrational Exorcist and other powerful tools for spiritual protection and cleansing BUY

Vibrational Exorcist and other powerful tools for spiritual protection and cleansing

The most efficient tools to keep your mind bright and your energetic field clean

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You well know and feel that we all live under heavy psyche-energetic pressure.

News channels, social media, advertising and people who surround us often provoke us to have some moderate to strong emotional reaction.

Which sometimes results in periods when we feel emotionally unbalanced and energetically drained.

And if we consider that we live in multi-dimensional reality the picture is getting more complex.

That’s why sometimes we feel strange as if something crawls under our skin and we have hard time locating the reason for that feeling.

So it is our main job here not to surrender to that pressure but keep our will power strong. Keep on our mental/emotional field clean and our auric/energy field bright.

Through this course you will receive many insights, techniques and instruments that will help you to clean this negative psyche-energetic influence.

This course will help you to:

On top of “traditional” elements of cleansing and protection that humanity uses for thousands of years I’ll share with you what is probably the most efficient tool!

I call it “Vibrational Exorcist” – a super powerful cleansing/protecting soundfield that clears and reinvigorates your aura/energetic cocoon.

It took me almost 30 years to develop a very unique style of using my voice that creates multi-dimensional sound-fields.This sound-fields are aimed to help the receiver with a specific tasks. We tested the efficiency of these fields using multiple devices with a sensational results. «Vocal Exorcist» is one of these sound-fields and it will help you to keep you field bright clean and strong.

Stay clear and strong on your path!

You can watch first 2 videos of the course to feel how much help it could give you. Just scroll down this page towards Course Plan section and watch available videos.



Buy 29€

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Lesson Plan

Take a deeper look into the course to have a better understanding of what awaits your inside. Watch the first two videos right here.

1. Why this course is so important right now

  1. Why this course is so important right now

    We should not allow ourselves to suppressed by the challenges
  2. All those who influence us

    Looking into the world honestly to bring to the surface obvious and unseen influencers
  3. Why it is so important to reclaim yourself

    And how to do that
  4. Assembling your energetic first-aid kit

    All the main elements you should have access to
  5. Cleansing practice using smoke

    Using frankincense, sage etc.
  6. How to protect yourself while sleeping

    Some powerful tools and gadgets
  7. How to protect and take care of our children

    They also need help
  8. How to wake up your Inner Lioness

    Preparing for the short effective practice that will help you to get your willpower back
  9. Wake up your Inner Lioness practice

    Audio with a very effective practice to reclaim your will power
  10. Introducing Vibrational Exorcist

    The most effective tool for spiritual protection and cleansing
  11. Vibrational Exorcist

    Vibrational-cocoon: The most powerful protecting and cleansing tool in your kit
  12. Rooting practice

    How to receive support from the Mother Nature
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