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Your Solar System

Unique self analysis and personal change management tool

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Why this course is so important for you? 

Why I think it gives precious support to every woman? Please, let me answer these questions with a short story.

15 years ago I thought that if I find the correct tool for planning and self-discipline my knowledge and music will permeate the world and the imminent success was inevitable. How naive was I…

I am a disciplined person yet not a very organised one. So I started to look around for a person or a tool that would help me to deal with that second part of equation. Structure and organisation. I tried many different systems and then I got a HUGE insight.

«Since I'm looking for a masculine quality I should learn from men. And who is the coolest coach out there? Tony Robbins for sure».

I signed up for one of his offers, some sort of a course or a package mentioning something about coaching to success. And as a good student went on the journey wholeheartedly.

It was time for a big preparation for new international concert/workshop tour. Crucial time for me. If you start your tour not in an optimum shape you are going to die out of stress and exhaustion. 2-3 months of hard-core touring, changing cities/timezones, performing, meeting people, flying etc. are not for the fainthearted. You have to be rested, fit, prepared and well organised. I thought the course was going to help me with the 2 last parameters. 

I followed all the protocol of the course, did all my homework, all the prep, all exercises… you name it. Set up big goals, split them into subgoals. Prepared strategies and tactics or whatever I can grasp out of this extensive course. I am not sure that even now I understood half of what was there on my way to international success. 

Yet, however well organised I became using all the planning instruments I was definitely failing with 2 other important ingredients of a good tour : getting fit and well rested. This square linear masculine logic felt to me as a woman lacking any flow any deep intuitive listening. This anti sensual/emotional/chaotic approach basically was destroying me as a woman. 

By the beginning of my tour I was a completely exhausted well planned and prepared wreck. Truly a paradox. 

My dearest friend who we lived together with gave my tour a beautiful blessing adding: «In 10 years I know you I've never seen you in such condition. I have no idea what you've been doing the last 2 months, but I want you to promise me that you will never do it again».

And I didn't.

I realised that as a woman we need a mixture of chaos and precision, just as the Universe out there reflects to us. So slowly slowly I invented my own self-analysis and life changes planning method. I called it Peruquois Solar System as it was my own creation for me.

This summer I eventually shared this secret tool with more than 1000 women at a powerful 7-day online intensive and got the most beautiful feedback. So now my Peruquois Solar system is available here to become Your Solar System! Intuitive sensual beautiful yet well structured instrument of the most honest assessment of your life and directional tool for changes you will want to manifest.

Teachers always remind us that YOU are at the centre of the Universe yet they rarely share any practical tool how to be the ONE. Your Solar System is the perfect method that will help you to get back into that central position.

The big year is ahead of us. And here is the tool that will help you to make it YOUR year rather than just the next one.

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Should you have any questions, please contact me via messengers below. I'll reply you shortly.

Lesson Plan

Take a deeper look into the course to have a better understanding of what awaits your inside. Watch the first two videos right here.

1. Introduction to Your Solar System

  1. Introduction to Your Solar System

    Getting to know the principles of this course and how it will work for you
  2. Getting to know your planets-parameters

    Explanations of the fundamental elements of Your Solar System
  3. Preparing tools to create your solar system

    Let's prepare for the process
  4. Solar system spatial mapping

    Let's start with the main sensitive/intuitive exercise of the method
  5. Drawing your solar system

    Transferring your intuition from feeling onto a piece of paper
  6. Redrawing your solar system as instrument of change

    Getting ready for the next steps, learning how to make the received knowledge into an instrument of change
  7. Solar System preparation meditation

    Building the bridge between internal and external
  8. Your new solar system

    Clear pathway to new life
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