Meditation for Women — Level II BUY

Meditation for Women — Level II

Diving with me into your beautiful inner world for just 21 minutes will bring you peace, joy and happiness

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«Meditation for Women is the path of pleasure, joy and happiness, it's an exciting journey, that I invite you on» — Peruquois

On completion Breath of Love — Level I meditation for women you may feel inspiration to go deeper, allowing your body to open into more pleasure, sensual connection and gratitude for the gift of love.

This powerful yet sensual meditation is the answer to your calling.

It is phenomenally efficient as these 21 minutes represent condensed wisdom of 36 years of self-discovery, developing the practices first for me and then for other women.

Being the pioneer of women's work on the planet I presented my unique approach of opening women to their true nature during 27 years of work with small and large groups in a workshop rooms around the Globe.

This is how in these 21 minutes, you will immerse yourself in a world of beautiful self-awareness, and encounter your «Inner Woman» probably for the very first time. 

Who this course is for:

What makes this meditation so unique?

1) Special technique of women's meditation — I created this unique meditation as a woman specifically for women. It takes into account our physiological and energetic characteristics.

2) Meditation soundtrack, which uses my special healing voice. The soundtrack has no analogues in the world. The positive influence of my voice on a person has been proven by numerous tests.

What will you get in just 21 munites:

  1. Experience deep and profound relaxation
  2. Feel yourself much more alive, sensual, joyful, unrestricted by tight borders of mental worries
  3. Get out of Humpster Wheel feeling, by breaking the pattern of recalling the past, worrying about the present or fantasising about the future
  4. Feel yourself at the center of your life
  5. Experience freedom from inner critique who was eating you from within

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Lesson Plan

Take a deeper look into the course to have a better understanding of what awaits your inside. Watch the first two videos right here.

1. Introduction to my approach to meditation

  1. Introduction to my approach to meditation

    Everything you need to know before we get started
  2. Discussing specifics of this meditation

    How to use this unique technique to make your meditation successful, deep and pleasurable
  3. Meditation Level II — practice

    Dive in with me into the depth of the beautiful feminine inner world
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