Meditation for Women — Level I BUY

Meditation for Women — Level I

Breath of Love — 15 minutes meditation that you are definitely going to enjoy

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Meditaion for women is a a beautiful tool that she can use with pleasure and joy exploring the depth of her being

Let me introduce you to a copletely new form of meditaion that I create for women for more than 25 years. The meditaions that I create are very potent as they allow you to experience the very depth of your essence almost immediately. I share with you a very soft tender approach that is very different from traditional meditations created by men and in truth for men.

My meditations will allow you to accept and injoy your feminine nature, your woman's body the very depth of your being. 

Here I share with you Breath of Love meditation that I created for beginners. This meditation is used by thousands of women around the planet and it proved it's incredible efficiency. You will not only enjoy doing it you are also going to explore this transcendental state that normally takes years of practice otherwise.

Here I give you this potent easy to use «tool» — a women's approach to meditation — that takes only 12 minutes! You can use it at home, at the office or while commuting to work.

Who is this meditation for:

What is so unique about this meditation

There are 2 elements that make this meditation so effective and easy to use.

Special technique that is created by a woman that reflects structure of your body  
This meditation is actively using unique physiological and energetic qualities that our body has

Special meditation soundtrack that uses unique qualities of my healing voice
The effectiveness of my voice on human state of being has been proven my multiple experiments and devises.

Many years ago my first husband, Native American Medicine Man and also trained psychologist told me: «I can't teach you how to meditate, you are a woman, you have different path, and you need to find it yourself». 

I did and since then for more than 25 years now help other women to do so. Enjoy walking your path with me.  

What will happen to you in 12 minutes?

  1. You will experience deep relaxation
  2. You will feel yourself alive and replenished 
  3. You will come out of the state of constant thinking 
  4. You will start experiencing your self at the center of your life 
  5. You will notice that your inner critique has stepped back freeing your mind from mean critical thought he was filling it up with

Отзывы женщин, прошедших медитацию

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Do you have any questions? Contact me now

Should you have any questions, please contact me via messengers below. I'll reply you shortly.

Lesson Plan

Take a deeper look into the course to have a better understanding of what awaits your inside. Watch the first two videos right here.

1. Basic principle of meditation for women

  1. Basic principle of meditation for women

    Getting to know the practice
  2. Useful advices and suggestions

    Some practical guidance
  3. Understanding the technique how this meditation work

    Getting prepared for the meditation
  4. Creating your sacred space

    How to set up a safe and cozy space to enjoy your meditation
  5. meditation Breath of love level 1

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