Letting go of past relationships

It is time to untangle from the painful web of past relationship traumas, promises and emotional attachments using the most efficient practices and techniques

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We used to be thinking of love as something amazing, dreamy and wonderful and then when love converted into relationship and then drama stepped in, the sweetness of the feeling became a pile of debris.

This spinning wheel of thoughts in our mind and a tight feeling in our heart. We not just lost love we lost ourselves in the drama of separation.

And even if we found a new love this traumatic past still haunts our ability to dive deep into what is truly defining life – the very essence of love itself.

This is an unparalleled course developed by Peruquois. It is based on her own methods, approaches and practices that lead you into profound transformation from pain into the wholesome and profound experience of self.

Of the deepest realisations and direct access to LOVE as a tangible elixir. The transformation is so incredible that by the end of the course you may start feeling that Peruquois has some magical gift of opening anyone back to love.

Yet, this transformation comes from your practice and your surrender, so don’t wait a second, dive in.

And if by any chance your skepticism stops you on the way, don’t make your inner skeptic worry, there is 100% money back guarantee on every Peruquois course.

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Regular price: €139
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