How to hear and follow the voice of your calling

Are you ready for the personal Matrix reload?

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Before we proceed any further you have to answer a few important questions. Some of them could be uncomfortable, but I guess because of that feeling you are now checking this course.

  1. Do you feel stuck? Or even stagnating? That the world is looped on the same unfavourable tune?
  2. Did you loose the excitement of anticipating a new day when you wake up?
  3. Are you pushing for the goal you are not even sure is yours?
  4. Do you feel commitment to the past in your work that has lost relevance to you in present?

There are more question popping up to my mind, but the main would be:

If you answered «Yes» to the first 4 questions and the imagined voice of your soul doesn't support your current direction then this course is definitely for you.

In 40 lessons Peruquois shares with you the main ideas about this illusive topic and gives you the most powerful practices to help you step into the pathway of your soul.

And yes, the truth is that nobody can follow your Calling but you!

That means there is some tough times ahead, more uncomfortable question, broken illusions and faded fantasies… We women tend to live in either in the fantasy world, the world of dreams and almighty “future” waiting to be rescued or if we picked up that “masculine bug”, in the world of push, stress, exhaustion and emptiness.

Even if we somehow feel this is not it, we just don’t know how to get off this “train” running at an uncontrollable speed into an ageing and fading away destination.

Peruquois : We all need help. When I stepped on a pathway to follow my Calling more that 30 years ago it was a difficult journey yet the most rewarding of them all! I feel blessed and occasionally start crying out of gratitude for what it brought to me, the wisdom, the knowledge, the personal depth, the tools and insights. All of it I will share with you in this 40 video online course.

You will develop skills, raise your energy up, set your sails straight. This course will be your guide, your help, be on your side when everything in the outer world will be changing, screaming and shifting into chaos.

You will gain clarity and willpower and enough humbleness and sensitivity to be gentle, loving yet persistent and determined following what is a true Calling of your soul.

It is true that this course is your personal “Matrix Reloaded”. The question is only, are you ready to do it, to take the red pill? 

If you say yes now but later your mind wins and you fall prey to its previous “programs and beliefs”, letting it push you back into the old paradigm, there is100% money back guarantee on this course.

What do women say about this course?

I received more than 100 reviews on this course recently. Here are the few of them:

I am not a new to personal development workshops field. And I am quite successful at what I do professionally! Behind my belt are Tony Robbins course in person, a couple of workshops with less prominent“gurus”. Never mind piles of books, bunch of online-courses and inspirational videos on YouTube. But for the first time I was struck by clarity, power, love and motherly wisdom and support that I’ve received through this course from a person. This course is surely the best I’ve done so far!

Inga М.

I don’t want to sound like a lost soul but this course is by far best thing that happened to me! And I know and already see signs that it is just the beginning. I see how I am transforming as a person from quite timid and always self doubting woman to the one who knows what she feels like and is ready to stand for that knowing. Even this is a huge reward for me, but via this course I gained much more!

Albina S.

Even if you put the all that Calling rhetoric aside and just ask yourself the very simple question, “how do I want to live my life”, this course will give you incredibly clear answers, powerful tools and the deepest practices you can only dream about. I was shocked many times doing it and probably even more by the results I started seeing everywhere around me now, and I am sure so would you.

Jane U.

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