Free Yourself from Guilt

How to stop carrying heavy load of mistakes and traumas of the past and start living

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Guilt. I bet you know this feeling well. Every woman does.

Often this awful feeling hides deep in your subconscious manipulating you into making choices you don’t even question as alien to your nature. 

Sometimes guilt on contrary screams at the top of your head, suppressing your will for life or pushing you into the web of lies to cover your “deeds of the past”.

In any case it makes you weak and subdued or anxious mistrustful and passive aggressive

And occasionally we find ourselves on the other side. Using guilt to occasionally manipulate adults and often children to subdue them to our choice or decision. This behavior comes back to us as a boomerang hitting us when we least expect it.

Guilt knits an intricate web of self-depreciation and lying disguise.

It is extremely uncomfortable topic to look into, especially when it comes to your life. So I salute your courage to go deep with me and clean this ugly sticky mess. 

The one that corners you into one of the two typical behavioural patterns:

1) I don't deserve.
I don't deserve to live, I don't deserve to be loved, I don't deserve to be happy, I don't deserve to be abundant etc. etc.

2) I have to lie.
I must lie to cover original deed as if you'd only know what I've done you'd stop loving me, stop trusting me, stop being friends/partners with me etc. etc.

I went through this painful journey myself long time ago. And it equipped me with extremely efficient exercises and practices that will now help you to free yourself from guilt.

You can also clean yourself from heavy load of compromises, traumas and mistakes of the past. 

I’ll help you to

  1. Free yourself from experiencing your life through the prism of guilt
  2. Come back into the feeling of self worth and self respect
  3. Stop devaluating yourself and any given opportunity, depreciating your skills, achievements and aspirations
  4. Bring back the right to live and enjoy the abundance of life
  5. Get our of the maze of lies and manipulations
  6. Allow yourself to feel safe secure and trusting life
  7. Start living your dream

My methods are based tens years of profound experience. They helped hundreds of thousands of women to deal with their «unresolvable» issues. They will help you to heal the wounds and bring back joy, happiness, value and abundance to your life.

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Lesson Plan

  1. The burden of guilt / Peruquois story

  2. What happens when you cannot face the truth

  3. Crime and punishment

  4. How the guilty conscience shapes your desicions

  5. I don't deserve or I lie

  6. Emotional repercussions of guilt

  7. Where does guilt store in your body

  8. Food guilt

  9. Guilt Pacifiers

  10. Guilt reinforces and triggers

  11. Family guilt

  12. Recognising karmic loops

  13. Revisiting your journal

  14. The importance of action to clean guilt

  15. Clearing guilt pacifiers and addictions

  16. Introduction to guilt release practice

  17. Solar plexus release

  18. Developing sensetivity practice

  19. Guilt Release Practice

  20. Welcome the Change

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