Dissolving Grief — Emotional Cleansing Series

How to start fully living again

Grief, this silent cold energy slowly makes us separate from the world and suddenly you find your self living behind the glass wall that is soft yet impenetrable. You feel as if your self made aquarium lacks oxygen, fragrance and life-force. This emotion transforms your life into a bare existence. 

And this self destructive cycle is very defensive. It protects itself against any «positive» intruders. And its survival is based on your stagnation and self-depreciation.

The only way out is through understanding the cycles of life and love. And active unshackling from this soft yet firm emotional grip. 

Resurrecting a connection with a direct experience of love you will step out of a grief glass walled prison into the abundance and richness of life. When you remove the hold of grief you will be able to allow the fresh energy of life and sweet fragrance of love to fill up your life.

This is the beautiful transformation I invite you into right now. 


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