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Dissolving Grief — Emotional Cleansing Series

How to start fully living again

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Grief, this silent cold energy slowly makes us separate from the world and suddenly you find your self living behind the glass wall that is soft yet impenetrable. You feel as if your self made aquarium lacks oxygen, fragrance and life-force. This emotion transforms your life into a bare existence. 

And this self destructive cycle is very defensive. It protects itself against any «positive» intruders. And its survival is based on your stagnation and self-depreciation.

The only way out is through understanding the cycles of life and love. And active unshackling from this soft yet firm emotional grip. 

Resurrecting a connection with a direct experience of love you will step out of a grief glass walled prison into the abundance and richness of life. When you remove the hold of grief you will be able to allow the fresh energy of life and sweet fragrance of love to fill up your life.

This is the beautiful transformation I invite you into right now. 


Buy 29€

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Lesson Plan

Take a deeper look into the course to have a better understanding of what awaits your inside. Watch the first two videos right here.

1. What Happens if you don't grieve consciously

  1. What Happens if you don't grieve consciously

  2. What is the grief or remorse that binds you

  3. Peruquois story of grief release

  4. Where in your body is your grief stored

  5. How to unlock the pain of grief and release it

  6. Rooting the breath Practice

    A practice to reconnect the diaphragmatic deep belly breath, essential to do as a preparation practice before the upcoming sounding releasing practices 7,9,11
  7. First stage grief release practice — Primal sound release

    Your voice is your most powerful healing tool to unshackle the suppressed emotions.Your voice is the bridge between the soul and the body. Trust it don't judge it
  8. Releasing the energy blockage and pain from the deepest womanly life center — the womb — discourse on the practise

    Make sure you are able to find a space where you can let go and be loud or cry, to trust your letting go process
  9. Cleansing grief and pain from the womb Practice

    Begin with the practice no.6-Rooting Breath first so your breath is deep and you are in your body. If you have a good external speaker use it and if not use headphones.
  10. Om rebalancing audio

    sing together to re-harmonise then journal your experience your understandings….remember to drink lots of water too
  11. Preparation discourse to releasing the grief and blockage from the womb practice with a partner

    When grieving it is important to be supported by a trusted friend or relation so you can let go even deeper knowing you are loved
  12. Cleansing grief and pain from the womb practice supported by your friend

    Do the practice through speakers if possible for you both to hear the guidance of the practice ie plug your phone or computer into an external speaker
  13. Om rebalancing audio

    sing together with me to re-harmonize your body
  14. Real love never dies it is eternal and we will learn how to commune with the eternal discourse

  15. Discourse on how to develop the sensitivity to the eternal love. The practice that connects to an unbroken timeless love

  16. Developing sensitivity practice

    The first step — practice to take you in to meet the sensation of your eternal nature. Please plug in your headphones for full transmission
  17. Discourse — Opening your heart to your eternal love Practice

    This is the heart of understanding and healing
  18. Open your heart to eternal love Practice

    Plug in your headphones to enter your inner cosmos. Giving yourself to this practice daily from now on, you will restore your trust in love and life
  19. Reflection on Open your heart to eternal love practice

    Be patient kind and loving with yourself as you are learning but be committed
  20. If you miscarried, aborted or lost a baby — Releasing of baby soul ceremony

  21. Releasing baby soul ceremony — Singing up the soul Soundtrack

    A song to sing the soul of your baby…learn it or sing along with it in the ceremony
  22. Planting and nourishing the seeds of a new relationship to your life

    Steps to take on the path of healing to keep you nourished awake and grateful.Love Peruquois
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