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Have you fallen prey to this emotional chaos that is swallowing society? It is time to get out of your mind and go into your true self! For many it is a time of doubt, stress and anxiety, fuelling a sense of helplessness and loss of life direction.

This incredibly efficient course is my gift to you. And yes, it is free, no strings attached.

You will get powerful tools and keys to help you out of endless stress, exhausting worries, nerve-wraking anxiety that could lead you into depression and complete loss of willpower.

This online-course is based on 2 practices that I developed in the last 25 years that I lead workshops for women across the globe.

The online course is based on 2 key elements:

Simple, yet very deep and efficient meditation

It has helped tens and tens of thousands of women in front of my eyes at my workshops, and it is going to help you, as you will feel my support across the digital bridge connecting our hearts.

Unique soundtrack, that doesn't have any analogues in the world!

The voice I use in this course I discovered 24 years ago, and mastered since then. This voice will guide you into state of deep rest and inner harmony. 

Accept this gift and follow the beautiful path of release from mental pressure, stress and anxiety.

It will take you only 15 minutes a day to start the irreversible process of transformation from victim of external forces to the one who feels, understands and acts.

First reviews on this online-course

As a yoga teacher and practitioner I lead meditations for 7 years now. But this one is the most beautiful practice I've ever done in my life! It returned me to my true self, the one I lost in panic that spread worldwide. 

Mary N.

Voice of Goddess. There are no words to describe it. Except for the words of gratitude. I am dissolving into inner harmony, listening to the soundtrack on repeat. 

Helene K.

I thought I was going to die from these panic attacks. My goodness I feel so blessed that I found you! Peruquois you are goddess! Your meditation and especially soundtrack brought me back to life, every person needs them in our crazy time! 

Kate S.

I lost a lot of money because of this turbulence. Made a bad investment that went bust. I was almost hysterical, I even started losing hair due to this uncontrollable stress. After only 2 days of practice I stepped out of self pity, panic and apathy. I am ready to face the challenge and look what to do to resolve the issue I am dealing with now. I see the light and life is going on… bless you Peruquois!

Alexandra K.

P.S. Originally priced at a level equivalent to a weekly course of Xanax. The course is now FREE so you can enjoy the benefits of it right now!

P.P.S. The course spread like a wildfire across the planet in its first day when it became free — more than 10.000 people joined it! It is your turn now!

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Regular price: €115
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Regular price: €115
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