Calling true love to your life

Are you ready? You think you are, yet calling true love not another compromise takes a lot, let me guide you on this powerful journey

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Is he going to be your next one or the only one? Despite popular thinking it is not in the hands of destiny but in your own. 

Of course if they are open to the true love. 

It may sounds theoretical yet in this set of practices and exercises you will get a direct experience of the true feeling of love, as a tangible thing.

More than that you will directly experience that love is not a concept but a true guide in life and attracting a true beloved to your world. 

To become a powerful manifestress of love and living it on day-to-day basis you open the spring of this unique elixir inside of you.

And when you open this “honey pot” the fragrance of your open heart becomes so strong that there is no other way for your true beloved to go but to come directly to your embrace.

Just remember love doesn’t work like a Swiss watch. It follows its own calendar. Just stay away from compromises, using the tools given and call your true love to come to you.

Don’t allow your inner skeptic to stop you on the way to true love. Yet if somewhere mid process it wins over your calling of love, you shouldn’t worry, this course, just like all the other courses, gives 100% money back guarantee. 

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Lesson Plan

  1. Calling love not a compromise

  2. Looking into past compromises and relationships just before he came

  3. Peruquois experience of compromise and past relationships

  4. Are you ready to leap discourse

  5. Сleaning the closet of past

  6. Reuniting your inner beloved discourse

  7. Making love tangible discourse

  8. Sensitivity practice

  9. If you havent been in love before why

  10. Heart sensitivity practice

  11. 3 Stages of heart opening discourse

  12. Opening the Heart Daily Practice

  13. Clarity list

  14. Revise your list more truly

  15. The why of the why

  16. Inviting support from children or a trusted friend

  17. Dance with him discourse

  18. Beloved I am calling you

  19. Longing discourse

  20. Longing

  21. Сreating calling your beloved song discourse

  22. Song creation track

  23. Womb intelligence

  24. How to prepare and see him

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