Interactive Concert-Practice «I am Enough» JOIN

Interactive Concert-Practice «I am Enough»

Premier of a new program that integrates a concert and a workshop in one powerful event

4.02, PARQ Ubud, Ubud, Bali
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Great Bali premier of my new program interactive concert/practice — I Am Enough, that has been recently staged with 6000 women at Crocus City Hall.

(Attention: this powerful event is only for women)

Attn: Premuim tickets are sold out. 2 other categories are available. 

This website accepts all cards, if you prefer to book your ticket via Megatix you can follow this link.

If you prefer to use cash you can book your tickets in advance at Bittersweet Cafe at PARQ UBUD. 

You are about to step in into the field of limitless happiness, sparkling joy and refined fragrance of love rooted in total acceptance of our feminine bodies and our feminine essence.

We will dive in and dissolve in divine experience of our true feminine nature via dance, voice and my unique soft and tender yet profound short mini-practices.

We will allow ourselves to cross all the old and often fictitious borders that has been put upon us to enjoy the freedom of our chaotic spontaneous unpredictable loving juicy nature. 

With the power of my voice I'll lead you into the sacred corners of your being and help you to clean and open up what locks you from within. 

We will take the beautiful energy of this evening and fill up with this abundant energy all aspects of your life. Ask those who has been with me to be reassured that your life will never be the same again. This potent field that I create will do have a profound and beautiful effect on your world.

Being one of the world's pioneer in helping true feminine nature return on a planet since 1995 I invite you into experience that every woman has to go through at least once in her life.

If you are going to listen to Peruquois LIVE prepare for the journey you will never forget

— Chuck Taylor, Billboard music critique

What waits for you there?

  1. Excellent sound, just as great as it was at my meditation concert
  2. Beautiful large screen projections so you can see me clearly from any part of the venue
  3. Specially selected practices many of which I created solely for this program
  4. Opening your voice, your body and your field via singing, dancing and practicing together
  5. Pleasant surprises and gifts
  6. Fantastic energy, powerful field, amazing women
  7. 3 hours of total rapture in your nature


  • Peruquois is amazing, beautiful guide and fantastic performer
    Miss World
  • Peruquois is incredible. She has a sensational voice and powerful energy. She brings a truly transendental experience

    Russian presidential candidate
  • Peruquois' voice is deep and evocative radiating the very essence of feminine nature

  • Her voice carries such raw feminine power it will blow you mindless

  • Her voice has power to stop time and tune in to the highest states of consciousness

  • Peruquois singing is blowing my mind. Prepare for a journey you will never forget

    Billboard music critique
  • Peruquois creates a very beautiful and loving space to dive in and recharge

    First Lady of Estonia
  • Peruquois is truly amazing

    Miss Universe

Feel Peruquois

Wild Woman

Let the Shakti in

Peruquois Meditation with 6000 people at solo event

Ancient Feminine Energy Chant to open you up with 300 women LIVE

Participation options

Chairs at the rear side of the venue
Price: pre-sale $45 / at the doors $55

Chairs in the middle of the venue 
Price: pre-sale $59 / at the doors $69

Chairs near the stage, straight after VIP area
Price:  pre-sale $99 / at the doors $119

Sold out 

Special area in front of the stage

Meet&Greet + photos with Peruquois in a private backstage area + drinks and snacks
Sold out 

Please note, that my previous event was sold out before the date so book in advance to avoid disappointment. Since I'm leaving Bali after the performance I couldn't do another event.

February 4, PARQ Ubud, Bali. Start: 18:00.

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