Due to Indonesia lockdown January 9 to 25 — concert will take place at the first week of February

PARQ Ubud, Bali

Special Concert Program

2 hours of unique Peruquois live vocal

Comfortable space of a cult venue — PARQ Ubud 

All Bali's brightest and shiniest people gathered together

Please note: due to Indonesia lockdown January 9 to 25, the concert date is changing to the new one. TBA yet after January 25. Expected date — first week of February. Your ticket is automatically valid for the new date. If you'd prefer to return the ticket we will refund you immediately. 

First time on Bali!

Bali was waiting for this event long time and finally it comes to the island of Gods. Unrivalled unique and magnificent Peruquois invites all to come and celebrate life dissolving in multi-dimensional frequencies of her divine voice. 

January 11 is a very special date for Peruquois herself — it is her BIRTHDAY! 

Please note: some of the tickets categories are already sold out

An invitation from Peruquois

«Birthday is always a very special day. It is a big honour and joy to share it with you as it is my first ever Birthday concert. I see this date as a moment of rebirth, renewal here on the Planet. One cycle is wrapping up and the new one unfolds. This is the day of Phoenix energy. And I invite you to come and dive in into this vital energy together. 

Consider that this is such a special day for me I prepared a program that suits it fully. Beautiful multi-genre mix of compositions that I wrote in the course of last 30 years. The range is wide enough to include my classic hits as well as a newborn songs. For passionate ethnic tunes to touching soul or elevating original new era mantras… all vibes to be shared and enjoyed. See you at my birthday at elegant main hall of PARQ Ubud on January 11».

Love, Peruquois


Peruquois is known as a performer of the most sensual and feminine music on the Planet. For this concert she created a special program that also includes several compositions with her «impossible» multi-dimensional healing voices.  

31 years of Peruquois professional music career merged in this unique dance of frequeincies opening the portals into the whole new world. Embrace yourself for the journey like never before. Deeply passionate yet truly revealing what it is to be an alive human — loving joyful and truly happy.

Just imagine yourself diving into the sacred well filled with a radiant life-force elixir coming back to the surface invigorated and blissful, tuned in into the highest states of consciousness.

Parq Ubud

PARQ Ubud has already gained status of a cult venue in Bali. The main hall has all state of the art music and stage equipment to allow you utterly enjoy this magnificent evening event with Peruquois.




  • Entrance to the event
  • Elegant wooden chairs

Ultra premium

  • Entrance to the event
  • Comfortable couches right in front of the stage

VIP (Sold Out)

  • Entrance to the event
  • Front row ultra-comfortable leather sofas
  • Meet and greet with Peruquois after the concert, drinks. photos, hugs etc.

Location: Bali, Ubud, PARQ Ubud, January 11, 2021.
Doors open: 18:30
Concert: 19:30

Due to current restriction rules number of available tickets is limited.
Pre-booking at the website gives up to 25% discount comparing to the ticket prices at the venue. Yet the availability of the latter strictly depends on number of seats left if any.

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