The only long term Earth Woman Calling retreat this summer in Europe

August 16-19, 2012, Shambala Gatherings, Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

February 20 2012, 3 comments

The only long time retreat in Europe this summer with Peruquois! Please book in advance because this place can hold only 20 women. A sacred space for 20 women to come together To sing our bodies into deep openness To discover our innate sensuality and inner lover To directly experience what it is to live fully in the body connected to the earth and all of life To fall deeply in love with yourself and the love that is holding the whole picture of life together.

To be in true expression, to be totally honest with yourself To create your life from your love, your passion and deepest longings, with tools to bring you into this daily To empty the body of old pain and structures How? Singing -chant,vocal yoga,intuitive body singing,earth calling,deep belly breathing,creative singing. Dance and 'lifting the veil'- a simple practise to dissolve the veil of the mind that keeps us separate from the source .

We will be walking the lush forest,swimming in the lake. Sharing- a mirror for your soul,for you to look into to see your authentic self . The sisters will reflect that too through honest vunerability.There is a lot of love to share here. The Mother earth is calling women all over the earth to be fully embodied and give voice and action to her love. To transform the world from the bedroom… to home…. to the office… to the environment….

With Love Peruquois

Visit Shambala Gatherings website for more information and booking



Dear Peru, I would really love to come to your retreat in Sweden, I am trying to reach Shambala Gathering people for info and reservatiosn but they do not reply on the e-mail address given on their site….

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Shambala people answered me immediately, even from their holiday. But unfortunately accommodation is fully booked (or I should stay in a tent … I might even do that…) I wonder if there are any other workshops anywhere else in the world in the next coming 6 months????

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Drea Drury
Drea Drury

Hello! I am very interested in this retreat and am curious if you are offering any in 2013?

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