The only Peruquois long term (4-days) retreat this year

Moscow calling…

March 27 2013

This year Peruquois will hold only one retreat. It is a 4-days deep journey to the very essence of feminine nature, to the very core of divine beauty of being a woman here on Earth. Through breath, chant and movement Peru will lead women along the deepest experience of what it is to be truly woman.

Earthwoman Calling residential 4 days

Retreat contents: — A sacred space women to come together — To sing your body into deep openness — To discover your innate sensuality and inner lover To directly experience what it is to live fully in the body connected to the earth and all of life. To fall deeply in love with yourself and the love that is holding the whole picture of life together. — To be in true expression, to be totally honest with yourself. To create your life from your love, your passion and deepest longings, with tools to bring you into this daily. — To empty the body of old pain and structures


Singing — chant,vocal yoga,intuitive body singing,earth calling,deep belly breathing,creative singing. Dance and 'lifting the veil' — a simple practise to dissolve the veil of the mind that keeps you separate from the source.

Peruquois carves a beautiful path for today’s woman to have direct experience of the Divine Feminine within herself.

Please book in advance as the is strictly limited number of participants the venue could accommodate.

Accommodation is scheduled for the evening 24th of July as early moring on 25th retreat begins.

Info&booking: +7 916 806 20 64 or (in English or Russian)

Location: Vorobyi retreat center, Moscow region (about 70 km away from Moscow, Russia)


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