Voice of the Sacred Feminine Women's Mysteries

It is a great communion of women pulsing together as One Woman, creating a vortex. A pool of energies coming to full expression so each woman receives herself as the pure feminine source. It is unique safe space to unravel yourself, dive into your sensuality and vulnerability, reclaim your innocence and open the voice of your primal nature. Tune yourself to the nourishing vibration of Mother Earth. Sing from the depth of your womb, open up your orgasmic body, with ancient chanting techniques.

Voice of the Sacred Feminine is a 4,5-5 hours session. It starts with a 30 minutes dance practice to root a woman into her body and connect her to her feminine centers, and her spine undulating and energy flowing. This practice is Peruquois’ own blend of several dancing techniques including Mandala Temple Dance, Tribal Fusion Dance among others. This part follows with 15 minutes intermission to take care of bodily needs. Which follows with a main practice that has a 15 minutes brake in the middle for the same purpose.

The main practice consists of various breath exercises to connect the woman to her body and to the Earth, to open and energize her sexual centers and heart, to open the channel from the yoni to the throat. It also consists or different sounding techniques to release the heart, yoni and womb stuck energies and purify and release the tension of the mind. Peruquois is also using ancient chants to help a woman to experience resonance of the feminine, to allow her body to be sang. There are also ecstatic chants that helps to open her orgasmic body and release frustration and pain from major sexual centers and invokes great sense of intimacy.

There is a point at the workshop where movement and voice amplifies the release of deeply locked emotions like for example fear or anger or grief. This process is facilitated with a purposely composed music from Peruquois new workshop CD — Emotional Cleansing: Feminine Sound Practice and her LIVE voice that creates a safe and evocative soundscape for women to release stuck emotions and emotional traumas.

Voice of the Sacred Feminine — Women’s Mysteries origin:

In 1999 in the desert of New Mexico at the foot of Sierra Blanca mountains in a healing ceremony for an old medicine man who was sick and dying 7 women came together to invoke through ancient chant the unified love of the Earth and Cosmos. Enormous power opened and not only the medicine man received the healing but each of the women received it as well. And what revealed through that ceremony Peruquois took all over the world. She did this in small groups and it became clear that the larger the group the more potent the energy.

It unveiled that when a woman gives herself to the source of love her whole body is re-infused with the pure original innocent state of being. One woman surrendering to the source creates an ecstatic synergy effect, invoking the same state in all women in the field. It penetrates her body on a cellular level and restores her to her original nature. It reinstates trust in the sisterhood. It unifies the women rather then separating them.

Peruquois’ vision is to create these vortexes all around the Globe for women to have a direct experience of her original essence. It is unified primal sound of women that retunes and restores each woman to her original essence. Then a woman becomes sensual and awake rather then robotic and asleep.

Question: Why vocal practices that you do with women are so important for them?

Peruquois: There are several ways how I can answer that question. If you look from anatomical point of view then you’ll see that in woman’s body vocal cords mirror vagina. Actually in a female embrio in the baby’s body vocal cords and ovaries are one organ that later splits into two when embrio grows up. So through vocal practices we get a direct access to our core sexual centers which allows us to clear stuck energies, bockages and pain that may be hidden there as a result of different traumatic experiences. So through that practices we recover the natural energy flow and bring sensitivity back to the center of feminine nature. Also other way round, many women who had strong negative experience feel that their throat is blocked as someone actually physically holds and squeezes it. Through there practices we remove this hold which allows a woman to express herself in the world freely and also be easy with communication. If we give the picture even broader look we may see that everything around us and we ourselves have also vibrational nature. Through vibration we can tune ourselves to healing ponent energy of Mother Earth, that is a source of enourmous primal and sexual energy that gives us power to heal ourselves and realign ourselves to our original state. And I may add as you may already see that this vocal practices have a very deep orgasmic, freeing and unifying potential.

Voice of the Sacred Masculine

3 hours workshop

Do you want to understand what women of the world love so much about man, what makes them so open to man? Do you want a deeper understanding why women are in such a mess around the world why they are so closed and emotional…? Do you want to know why it seems you are never enough for a woman?

Peruquois’ long practiced methods of breath, techniques of cathartic and primal sounding and chanting will open you into potent raw expression and deep inner silence. Dissolving into authentic power and resonance will inspire you to look with an open heart to what it is to live from real honesty, embody sensuality, sexuality and love. Her voice, carrying the resonance of the Mother Earth, ignites man’s body knowing, of who he truly is.

Peruquois as a living example of total openness to life and divine union of masculine and feminine principles will guide men through this potent transformation.

Earthwoman Calling residential 4 days

Workshop contents: A sacred space women to come together
To sing your body into deep openness

To discover your innate sensuality and inner lover To directly experience what it is to live fully in the body connected to the earth and all of life. To fall deeply in love with yourself and the love that is holding the whole picture of life together.

To be in true expression, to be totally honest with yourself. To create your life from your love, your passion and deepest longings, with tools to bring you into this daily.

To empty the body of old pain and structures/


Singing -chant,vocal yoga,intuitive body singing,earth calling,deep belly breathing,creative singing.

Dance and 'lifting the veil'- a simple practise to dissolve the veil of the mind that keeps you separate from the source.

Peruquois carves a beautiful path for today’s woman to have direct experience of the Divine Feminine within herself.

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The only long term Earth Woman Calling retreat this summer in Europe

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Additional workshop in St. Petersburg is set on 26th of October

Additional workshop in St. Petersburg is set on 26th of October

First Sacred Feminine workshop on 23-d of October is fully booked
October 14 2011
Sacred Feminine workshop Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Sacred Feminine workshop Russia, Saint-Petersburg

23 October, 2011
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Sacred Feminine workshop — Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod, 29-30 October, 2011

Sacred Feminine workshop — Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod, 29-30 October, 2011

Peruquois is coming to Russia with a set of performances and workshops in October 2011.
October 3 2011

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