Trust Your Nature — come to experience your renewed authentic self

The new format unites all the aspects

January 2

For 2 years now I had a plan to create an event that would allow women to experience multiple facets of their true nature.

FIrst the pilot event might have taken place in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2016 but due to logistics etc. the idea was put on hold.

Finally the idea comes to fruition, and what is iteresting, almost in the same area. The launch of the new format is scheduled in Dubai on Feb 9.

A few aspects of a woman and my multiple facets are to be united during this deep and profound experience. We will share wisdom, experience the true connection with self through practice, we will celebrate with my performance of a solo-concert… we can connect in many arranged networking areas as well as to explore the world of feminine products at a pop up market.

What an amazing day!

Later on Trust Your Nature: Workshop/Extravaganza could be joined in Moscow (April 6) and Helsinki (April 14).

See you soon! And for the women who would love to go deeper booking is open for my only 2019 retreat in Red Valley (Krasnaya Polyana), Sochi, Russia.

All info is already on my website. Check Events section.

See you soon!


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