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October 23 2015

It is a beautiful story behind «Be Yourself». I wrote it to my daughter a while ago… when I played it to her, just a sketch playing on piano… she said «Ooh mum, it's alright…», which meant it's sort of just barely OK. That response basically killed all my inspiration to record the song. But later I realised to make her like the song I have to make it «cool».

I flew to Los Angeles to meet an amazing female music producer Heather Holley, known for her work with Christina Aguilera, and we went to Soundeasy studio and did some work. I had only few days there so we had be very very spot on. She is incredible to work with so in just 3 days we had it all done. I sent the song to my daughter, she listened to it while sitting with her girlfriends, when I called her on Skype she proudly confessed that «it's my best song ever and all the girls liked it a lot and wished their mothers wrote them something like this». Now I knew that the mission I went on this 14-hours flight from Europe to L.A. was complete.

Now the song is at all major music aggregator from iTunes to Amazon or Google Play, check it out. And if you like it and bought it, please leave your comment at the shop where you have purchased mp3.

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