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October 19 2014

I feel so excited to introduce my new CD The Original Essence. I recorded The Original Essence with 3-time Grammy winner Tom Wasinger who gained his acclaim for a work with Native American and World Music singers. This CD definitely has Native American music influence as many of you know of my New Mexico (USA) past when I was an apprentice and a wife to a Native American medicine man for 11 years. Of course the CD has also a more contemporary World Music/New Age influence as musically I evolved a lot since then, but still it is a very acoustic musically naked and deeply touching CD.

Click on The Original Essence link to read more about it and watch the beautiful video-trailer where I speak about the CD in details and where you can listen the songs previews. On that page in «Buy» section you also can see links to iTunes (worldwide) where you can pre-order The Original Essence get 25% discount and also immediately download 4 songs.

Love, Peruquois

Pre-order now on iTunes and get 25% off


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