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September 16 2014

I had certain vision for the autumn by life as per usual decided to correct it in an unusual way. I was sure I won't come to Russia and do more work in Europe, but lo I am about to do one more event in this beautiful country, at stunning city of St. Petersburg.

I start in one of my favourite european cities in Amsterdam, I miss by dear Dutch sisters a lot and feel so happy to come back, and also encourage all women from neighbouring countries to come and join us in this beautiful place, Griffoen theater, amazing venue amazing opening healing awakening energies. It is my only workshop in Western Europe this autumn.

From a workshop space I move into a concert zone, massive Congress Hall in Riga is the the place to present my new album, The Original Essence, that I recorded earlier this year with 3-time Grammy winning music producer, Tom Wasinger. As Latvia lies between Estonia and Lithuania I invite all people from this Baltic countries, this is my only concert in the region this year.

For the first time in my life I am coming to Belarus. I've never been there but heard so many warm words from my dear sister Tanhit, hence I simply can't resist the chance to open up this country in my heart. So on the 1-2 of November I come and sing and share with you my dear Belarussian sisters in Minsk.

Short flight and I am in magestic St. Petersburg, nearly 2 years passed since my last event there, I feel a strong pull to come to share my love with Russian women from the north-west of the country. I know some great creative people up there, so may be this trip won't end up only with weekend workshop.

And I plan to visit Moscow, though without any big concert/workshop but may be some charity event, as I'd love to pay back to russian feminine soul back fot the love I always receive there and to present the new music video we just shot on Bali with 4 my dear Russian sisters: Maya Mandala, Mika, Lalita and Natalie.

See you soon,

Love, Peruquois


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