My first tour dates for 2014!

I start the year in Tallinn, Warsaw, Riga and Kiev…

January 10 2014

This year I decided to devote to creativity and recording of a new music material and exploring the new areas of music industry. So I had to give my music a space for which I reduced a number of tour dates twice. I have a mix of happy and sad feeling about that. I am excited to finally give time and space to my music and creativity. I am sad that I have to say «No» to many of my dear beautiful firends-organisers who would love to bring me in to their cities.

I will do only 3 tours this year. And the first one starts very soon!

My first tour starts with a 29-30 March 2 days Voice of the Sacred workshop in Tallinn. Then I will fly to Warsaw to give a concert on the 2nd of April, to fly back to Baltic region for a workshop in Riga on 5-6 April, then I'll go to Kiev for a duo of a concert on the 10th of April and a workshop on the 12-13th of April.

It is a short and intense tour. If you live in this countries or around you are welcome from the bottom of my heart, please book in advance as most of my events are fully booked quite ahead of the date.

Love, Peruquois


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