My last tour took me to many interesting places

I wrapped up my touring year in Amsterdam just after performing at the heart of Siberia

December 3 2013

It was a long year. Many new places, many beautiful people. Long flights, deep journeys with women at the workshops and very touching moments in my concert plus 2 SHE solo-musical premiers…

My last tour consisted of two legs. First one I did in Estonia and Russia. It started with a beautiful concert at the most interesting venue in Tallinn — grand Estonia Concert Hall. It was a great opening of the tour at this amazing 900 seater. Great acoustics, amazing musicians from Latvian Baraka band. And then a long journey via Moscow to capital of Bashkortostan — Ufa.

Several rehearsals put the music on track and we performed at full national Philharmonic a very touching performance. The first one in my life where 500 women were joined by may be only 20 men… So overnight train and I am in Chelyabinsk, city hit by meteorite a year ago. We actually went to local museum to see this tiny (600 kg) but very potent little guest from space. And I give a nice concert with excellent musicians who travelled to perform with me from Yekaterinburg (we did a concert with them earlier this year). Philharmonic hall was filled over the brim, people were sitting between the raws… It was such a warm audience. A very touching night for me as well. My Yekaterinburg organiser drove in to join us at this concert and they took me with them next day to their city to do a workshop.

It was my first two-days workshop after a while and I was very happy that the journey went so well with women and we dived into deep together. Next year I'll return with a concert. It is such a dynamic city in the mid-russia. To the very geographic centre of the country I flew the day after my workshop finished. To the heart of Siberia — Novosibirsk! It was my first ever visit that far! And I was rewarded with amazing concert at full 700 seater Progress Concert Hall. Siberian audience was amazing. And we managed to pull the great concert despite some challenges including the electricity cut-off that blocked our rehearsal for more than an hour.

4 hours in the air and I am back to Moscow with my last workshop of the year in Russia. More than 200 women came into that sacred and potent space. And it was the end of Russian-Estonian leg of tour. I gave more than 20 interviews during these 3 weeks. Which adds up to total 60 I gave this year.

Short break at home and Transavia took me to Amsterdam for my last 2 events. With my dear brothers: Joshua, Terrense, Lucas, Gil and Michael we did a great performance at a gorgeous venue — De Duif at the centre of this booming cosmopolitan city and on Saturday I led a very powerful workshop in suburbs with more than 200 women. We did a very beautiful interview with Inez from Change magazine and my work has been ridiculed by local journalist from Trouw newspaper. I was so shocked as it was a first time ever a journalist Marije van Beek went on such a shameful path to disregard all the deep healing journey we went with women on that day.

But the live moves on. I know that not all Dutch journalists are the same so next year everything will be different. I hope I would have enough time to come back to one of my favourite european cities in 2014.

As for now it is time for rest, recuperate and go into creative zone.


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