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How to get rid of the «Good Girl» syndrome

It is time to remove all mental restrictions and self depreciating criticism and begin to enjoy the true potential of your life

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How often do you reflect on what is the true cause of your disappointments or wasted opportunities?

Yet even if we try to carefully analyse our life, the true cause if often hard to find. Because it is not on the outside.

Even if you came to the conclusion that you are responsible for your life and it is a reflection of you, still the cause is evading you.

As inside of you lives a false identity, a misconception of true you. The one that as a cuckoo chick was implanted into your “nest” (or we may say mind) and kicked your true self out.

I call this invasive settler “Good Girl” or “Good Girl Syndrome”. And it is her who controls your life, your decisions and your action.

She wants you to stay small and obedient masking this tamed behaviour with good labels of “good student”, “good employee”, “good mama”, “good wife”.

This is how you lose the path to your own choices, your life, your love, your happiness. Serving this misdirecting concept of “good”. Completely forgetting of what is good for your true self!

This syndrome has been formed by most likely your mama or your papa who wanted you to be a “good girl”. They told you to be quiet, to be obedient, to stay quiet,to not disturb adults etc.

And if you follow their good intended yet restricting orders they will keep giving their love to you as kisses, gifts and adoration.

Yet what was formed long time ago was a sub-person, that is now living instead of you. Manipulating your decision bereaving you of choices of your soul, your heart your own adult mind.

Deep inside it keeps you as that little suppressed, lost small girl.

It’s time to get out of this mental imprisonment of constant self-criticism. It’s time to grow up.

Kick out false identity and set your path straight to living your life, enjoying the abundance of it and savour every moment of love and joy available to you as soon as you become available to it.

This course gives you the magic keys how to do it. Take it, use it and open the door for the true you to start living this beautiful life to its full potential.

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Lesson Plan

  1. How did your parents foster a «good girl syndrome» in you

    Where the story of manipulation begins
  2. How did Good Girl slowly start controlling all aspects off your life

    She started small and cute and grew into a hidden oppressive monster
  3. Good Girl and the beauty syndrome

    How have you been cornered into beauty obsession or neglect
  4. How social networks promote the Good Girl syndrome

    What used to be only mass media driven now has many faces
  5. The importance of consistent journaling

    Do the work, don't skip because the sneaky good girl doesn't want to be revealed
  6. Your relationship with Mother

    Exploring the standards that mother set in you
  7. Your relationship with Father

    Continue on the exploration
  8. Good girl sexuality

    How did you lose connection to your natural sexuality and what did you replace it with?
  9. Self-hatred and violent sexual fantasies

    How does the Good Girl syndrome twist your mind
  10. How to recognise the Good Girl voice in your head

    Getting to know «the voices» in your head
  11. Where does the Good Girl live in your body?

    Analysing the places that good girl syndrome hides in your body and what mental and physical conditions she manifests
  12. Body breath activation

    Let's get into practice
  13. Rooting in your own body

    Getting to know the main feminine energy centers
  14. Releasing the tight grip of the Good Girl control

    Going into the deep practice together
  15. Post release realisations

    The important time of journaling
  16. How to return back into harmony

    And the very fast pathway to do so
  17. Rebalancing soundtrack

    Coming back into the balance with OM soundtrack and vocal practice
  18. Restoring your authentic nature meditation

    It's time to reclaim your true nature
  19. Introduction to meeting your true untamed nature through the dance

    Let's establish connection with your Wild Woman
  20. I'm Not a Good Girl Soundtrck

    The dance of letting her go
  21. Integrating the experience and final advice

    The whole life is ahead
  22. Short daily practice

    Instead of the farewell
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