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4 minutes practice that will change your life for good

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The 4 minutes that will change your life for good.

Are you one of many women who is constantly feeding themselves with negative thoughts and projections about their bodies and selves? The thoughts that lead to emotional imbalance and frustration, feeling disgust and dissatisfaction. The feelings that can later manifest as sickness of the main feminine centres such as breasts, ovaries and uterus as well as premature ageing. 

How you start your day – you will live your day. This very simple formula gives a direct explanation of how woman's psyche works. 

In this 3 video micro online-course I will share with you a practice I originally developed 20 years ago, the practice I do everyday since then.

This unbelievably effective way to begin the day will change the relationship with yourself and your body into one filled with love, acceptance, beauty and gratitude. It is simply the most beautiful way to start and finish the day, to live it with grace and balance.

So start using this tool now and get the benefits for life.

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About Peruquois

Lesson Plan

  1. Introduction

    Let's prepare for this beautiful practice
  2. Daily practice

    4 minutes to change you morning and evening — every day
  3. Practice with pleasure

    And the pleasure version of the practice to increase your sensuality and pleasure in life
Price: 39.99€
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