My only retreat 2018

How it was…

June 14 2018

I haven't been doing retreats for 5 years or so. And finally i decided to lead one.

We selected one the the most sensational places — Gorky 960 in Red Valley near Sochi in Russia. What a place of beauty and power!

These 9 days were deeply transformative for me as well. To touch that unified beauty, power, sensuality, openness… And i witness the same processes in all women. It was something truly magical.

I do understand that for non-russian it was a bit strange to hear russian translation after me speaking, but… when in Rome do as the Romans do. I had to add the translation for the significant russian audience.

The event was so inspiring that I decided to hold my only retreat in 2019 here as well. All the details are coming soon but i'm looking forward at our new meeting in Sochi in may 2019.




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