The story behind my most sensual music video

Watch and enjoy this powerful Shakti energy!

September 15 2017

It was the first time in a few years when I celebrated New Year in Australia. It was a time to be with my family and also part of my global tour. Nice combination.

It toor me a while to recover after European/Russian leg of the tour and then loooong flight. We spent couple of weeks on Great Barrier Reef and then flew to meet my mum in Adelaide to continue to the city I've lived most in my recent Australian history — Melbourne.

After the rest was over creativity flooded in! To my luck Ben Temple Step, my dear friend and a music producer who we created Love's Deepest Calling together also decided to leave comforts of Bayron Bay area for a while and flew down to his native city.

We had a very little time together so managed to lay down the core idea of a new song that later would become this powerful Shakti anthem! Amazing grooves from Matt Stonehouse definitely made the creative process more juicy and the song sooo danceable!

We said good bye to each other… till we didn't even know when. Ben left for Bali and I left for India. Where i showed the draft of the song to Yury Lvov, and the decision to film music video became obvious.

Amazing dancer Brooke Nikelle Khan was ready to support us with her incredible dance.

My dear friend and fantastic photographer Olga Vetrova found a great location for our planned photoshoot. The place was so mystical that we decided to use it later for filming the music video as well. Thank you Olga for this little treasure!

Piles of kindling, litres of petrol, dancing with 3 cameras Yury Lvov, dancing Tribal Fusion Brooke, me and my husband running around with a loudspeaker… chaotic madness… intensity… we had only 3 hours before sunset to create the most sensual music video ever… Shake power was so strong that it nearly blown us away. But we managed to stay on track…

And as I flew on to Bali and finished the track just now… so you can watch and enjoy and savour this powerful Shakti energy!

Watch Let the Shakti in on YouTube ( Please leave your comments on YouTube! it is very important for me to know what do you feel after watching this music video! Please devote 30 seconds to it! It would be of incredible help!)

Love, Peruquois


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