Wake up Your Womb Power

Unique vocal soundtrack by Peruquois to wake up your womb power

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Wake up Your Womb Power

Short album track previews:

  1. Introduction
  2. Breath Meditation
  3. Vocal Healing


This is the cleanest artist voice I’ve ever worked with. Peruquois’ singing is supreme and pure. Her vocal frequency range is very wide so please do not listen to this soundtrack directly on you smartphone or computer. Their in-built speakers can’t cope with her wide range of frequencies. They will steal pleasure of listening and the effect you would love to receive.

Please use decent headphones or ear-buds or set of speakers. Even the one that you can attach to your computer are way better that in-built ones. Enjoy. Her vocal soundtrack is pure magic.

Bob Macciochi, UK, sound engineer

Wake Up Your Womb Power is a unique activation course. As It allows you to tune in a wake up this inner feminine power, wisdom and feminine elixir mostly just by listening to healing and awakening Peruquois’ vocal soundtrack.

It is a real Peruquois’ voice, coming straight from the recording booth, without any effects, except for Reverb that was used to create an effect as if it has been recorded in a temple.

The whole soundtrack has been recorded as a 1 take. The process has been done is such manner so there is direct transmission from the deep state of awakening Peruquois was in while recording the soundtrack to you, to your body and your womb.

You will hear the real length of Peruquois singing during recording for a few minutes before the breaths will disappear and the singing has been merged into continuous healing flow.

Enjoy and feel how the profound feminine wisdom and energy of your womb is waking up.

Download from €24.99

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