Vocal Yoga

A daily 30 minutes devotional singing practice CD designed to bring deep inner union and stillness of the mind.

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Vocal Yoga

Short album track previews:

  1. Introduction
  2. Meditation
  3. Strengthening Breath Intro
  4. Strengthening Breath Practice
  5. OM Sounding
  6. Seven Sacred Sounds
  7. Sacred Sounds Practice

Imagine how sound is born in silence and you’d get an insight into why this Peruquois feminine sound practice is so effective.

They say “In the beginning was the Word” yet clearly in the beginning was the sound born in silence. So it is the power of sound that gives the power of expression. And that primal expression of our intention and of our body is being so effectively addressed in the set of Vocal Yoga exercises.

So, yes, Vocal Yoga is short daily sound/breath practice for women to bring back confidence in the voice whether it is a speaking or singing one.

At the same time Vocal Yoga is deeply harmonizing course.  With breath sound and meditation it gives the power to unite and set in tune mind body and spirit if we allow ourselves such a view on ourselves.

Created specifically for this course meditation is one of the cornerstones of Vocal Yoga. It activates most important centers in woman’s body.

Another main feature that gives its yoga origin and it’s name is a practice based on 7 sacred Vedic sounds.

And how Vocal Yoga could miss mantra OM? Of course the sound that according to some sources created Universe is there to wrap up the short 30-minutes exercise routine to set the positive empowered a deeply routed attitude to life.

So, don’t be surprised that in less than 2 weeks your friends won’t recognize your new voice – deep, almost velvet and empowered.

Download from €24.99

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