Proud To Be A Woman

Deep and profound journey to acceptance and feeling absolute empowerment by feminine cycle!

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Proud To Be A Woman

Short album track previews:

  1. Welcome
  2. Proud To Be A Woman
  3. Secrets To A Nourishing Bleed
  4. Trusting Your Voice And Breath
  5. Period Time Daily Meditation
  6. Introduction: The New Cycle Post Bleed
  7. Practice To Invoke Creative Power Of Your New Cycle

Woman's Guide to Wholesome Period

This self-help practice CD has also a title song — all women anthem — Proud to be a Woman!

The CD via thorough several discourses and deep guided meditations helps a woman to connect and get a better understanding of her menstrual cycle. Then it leads to exploration of sacred anatomy as well as power behind it. 

It is a very gentle and wholesome journey that leads a woman into a beautiful communion with the most potent inner guide of her life.

It truly touches and opens the very depth of feminine essence!

The last practice on the CD also helps a woman to open a secret door to her creative and personal power and ability to manifest from completely different state of experience!

Download from €24.99

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