Breathing Love by Peruquois&Praful

The mystical romance of the Indian flute, intoxicating layers of chant and sensuous Peruquois vocal.

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Breathing Love by Peruquois&Praful

Short album track previews:

  1. Sun Of Inspiration
  2. My Devotion
  3. Kissing The Spirit Awake
  4. Come My Love

Tantra music for awakening lovers

Yes, this is it. Now you've got the point why this CD has only 4 yet long songs making total listening time 60 minutes…

Making love shouldn't be in a hurry. There is time for movement and time for taking breath… love breathes. It breathes when you are with a partner or when you are alone.

This beautiful album serves many purposes yet the main one is to keep the love awake. Keep the romance alive. Keep the stream flowing. 

Yes, keep moving, keep breathing… along the mystical sounds of the Indian flute, intoxicating layers of sensuous Peruquois vocal. Undulating rhythms of eastern temple drums, stringed instruments and lush keyboards. 

Be seduced into total openness and listening bliss.

Download from €8.99

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