Meet the Soul

De Duif, Amsterdam

Just imagine that magical voice of blue Diva Plavalaguna from The Fifth Element could actually heal and guide people in real life.

Soul — it is such a mystified and yet ordinary, almost mundane topic in all spiritual constructs. But what is it to experience a true connection with your soul? 

This is what lays beyond the frontier of normal philosophical discussion. This is exactly the space I invite you into.

Imagine how in this fractured fragmented world you step through the veil of separation to experience the most beautiful and unfathomable, yet the most natural state for human beings — the dissolution in the light of your soul.

Why don’t we experience this connection, this ego-free submergence into the shining light of our soul every day? Does it happen because our soul leaves us?

The soul is where it should be. It is us. Sometimes it is misled. Sometimes our misguided selves wondered away from this connection. 

But the time has come for us to make a step in the right direction. To reconnect and open up to the light and voice of our true guide. To its wisdom, its clarity and its shine. 

This interactive meditation concert is a truly unique 3.5 hour event. 

The main feature is the “NEW” almost impossible and incredible voice that could be only described as the “Voice of the Goddess” (just imagine the most beautiful opera singer doing overtones in a range from the deepest to the highest possible notes). 

On top of that for this event I prepared special set of practices and guided vocal meditations.

This interactive event will guide you beyond all the borders of ego so you can reconnect and completely dissolve into the light of your soul.

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Peruquois’ voice invites Gods to come down on Earth and help people
Igor Maiden, Daily News, Riga, Latvia

Wonderful voice that stops time. It tunes people to the highest states of their being
Snatam Kaur

Peruquois’ voice is deep and touching it shines into the world with the very nature of feminine essence
Deva Premal

Reflection of women from “Meet your soul” interactive meditation concert premier in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

“I felt as if the glass that has been separating me from my soul shuttered into thousand pieces and her incredible voice washed away this fragments out of my body and my mind” — Katerina

“I felt that I was flying. Total freedom and courage. As if my soul opened up and went on a beautiful journey” — Elena

“I felt that Peruquois voice opened up my crown chakra, pulled me into the Cosmos to the highest states. My crown not just opened up it was shining with bright colours and I felt that I was reconnecting with something deep and primal that could not be described with words” — Paulina

“I experienced something similar to what I felt when was swimming with a dolphin in a wild. But this experience with Peruquois was deeper more powerful and profound” — Anna

“The most incredible feeling when I dissolved into Peruquois voice I felt as if I was flying through the tunnel of light. And then I felt waves of energy going through my body breath became more shallow and light almost too bright… and then I felt into the zone people call “Here and Now” total pleasure and joy of being alive” — Olga.

“Every cell celebrates and hails life. Total cosmic “YES” surrender and acceptance. I felt as if finally returned to myself” — Raisa.

“When you hear this incredible voice all the chaff is being washed away. Everything that has to go goes and what has to be accepted is being accepted” — Valentina.

“It is a pure cosmos. As if you go into different dimensions. Her vocal vibrations change consciousness. Pure magic” — Anastasia.

“It was such a healing experience for me. Relaxation and almost reconstruction of my true mind” — Alina.

“Peruquois’ voice builds order from the chaos. It becomes a trigger that guides a person to a place that she couldn’t get even after 10 years of personal therapy” — Marina.

“It feels as if Peruquois’ voice takes your clothes off. I even had to open my eyes to check that this is a real voice not an instrument or recording. I had the most incredible experience” — Elena

“Her voice is out-of-worldly and inhumane. The voice that penetrates and heals every cell. It was incredible. I am filled up with love” — Alina

“It is a very healing voice. It has incredible power that cleanses everything around. Everything lights up inside with clarity and joy” — Natalia.

“It feels as if some ultrasound filter cleanses you inside out on a cellular level. Complete purification on opening to the new pure you” — Lu

“After car accident I can not move. My whole body is paralysed. In Peruquois filed miracles happen. I felt such a pure divine energy inside. It was a feeling as if I am about to stand up and start walking. Even my masseuse said that now I have a energy field of a healthy person” — Ekaterina.

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