Tony Robbins — first time in Russia!

I'll be there. Sing and listen!

August 7

At last, Tony Robbins is coming to Russia. Once upon a time Tony Robbins, probably the most famous coach, was also my mentor.

I was looking for a male vector that could direct my creative female chaos in the right direction and chose Tony as my mentor.

I did his online practice and was subscribed to his newsletter … something like that. In Australia, Tony is not a frequent guest, so online Tony was my assistant.

It was a very valuable experience. But it is always better to be in the presence of a master in real life.

For the first time, Russians have the opportunity to attend the training of Tony Robbins in Moscow. September 1 at the «Olympiisky» stadium. It will be a powerful day!

I'll be there, too. And I'll even sing for the guests who come. But more than the opportunity to sing for you, I'm waiting for the training itself! This is a rare opportunity and I will use it 100%.

Information about booking the participation in the seminar at the official website


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