My only retreat for women!

After 10 years of waiting it finally happens…

February 16

For 10 years I have been asked to take on apprentices or give a teacher training… and for 10 years i was saying «No». And for the last 5 years I also didn't give any women retreat as well… and finally it is time to say «YES» to both!

It was important to find a perfect place for such a deep feminine journey. That would unite powerful nature with comfort and transportation convenience! And we found the most incredible place to host it!

It is Krasnaya Polyana — spectacular southern Russian mountains spot near Sochi international airport. The area is famous for its waterfalls, dolmains, gorges and trekking routes. In winter the area serves as an amazing ski resort — the place where Russia host Olympic Games in 2014.

Krasnaya Polyana has a strategic location with international airport only 30 min away and sub-tropical Sochi city with Black Sea beaches some 35 min drive.

Stunning Gorky Gorod 5* (Ex-Solis Sochi Hotel) hotel gave us a very friendly rate of some 35 euros per woman per night with breakfast!! So we will enjoy this powerful nature with class. The hotel provides free access to hammam, saunas, gym, swimming pool etc. Some of the classes are at the rooftop with panoramic mountains view. We consider going up to the waterfalls and may be even venture the the area where Disney filmed their russian box office megahit The Last Worrior — they didn't need green screen CGI computer graphics to recreate fairy tale as «the picture» is already there!

There are 2 retreats in one. 9-day ADVANCED program and the 5-day retreat program — as the first 5 days are open to all women who would love to go deeper with me. In this case we will create unique sister support circle that allows Teachers to move from theory to practice without any delay and every woman to feel held. And not just by only me.

The first info is at my website.

9-day ADVANCED program

5-day retreat program

Please ask about availability at — I don't plan to hold Teacher training in any upcoming future (it is truly one off event) and it is definitely only women retreat for 2018. Both retreats will book fast so please contact organisers asap.

It is very easy now to get russian tourist visa and all the support required is provided. Sochi has a super developed infrastructure — it is probably one of the most developed cities in the world yet the nature is absolutely pristine and powerful as the area has a unique landscape mixing Black Sea shoreline with high mountains combining powerful mountainous energy with sub-tropical sea level one.


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