My new CD is a practice for women

I'll introduce it at my Amsterdam workshop 28-29 May

May 4 2016

It exists only as a physical CD at the moment — my new creation — Woman's Guide to Wholesome Period.

It is a landmark CD for me as it mixes my singing with my women's work. It is mostly a practice CD for women with title song — sort of a women's anthem Proud to be a Woman! Amazing empowering composition I recorded in Los Angeles with incredible Heather Holley. Proud to be a Woman opens the CD not by chance. One of the theme of the song is a woman's bleed time, her time for purification and beginning of a new cycle of creation.

The song is being followed by multiple practices, meditations and discourses related to a major feminine time and life defining cycles. It is a result of my own journey as a woman and my deepest enquiry into this beautiful and empowering time that somehow became accosiated with discomfort and shame. It is time to bring it back to its true origin — the time when a woman recreates herself and starts a new lifegiving cycle either to children or her creations.

I'll speak about this CD more when it is available online. At the moment you can get a copy at my workshop in Amsterdam 28-29 May.

Love, Peruquois


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