Finish of the year tour in Baltic

RIga and Vilnius are the last cities of 2015

October 13 2015

The touring year went fast… on one hand and very slow on another. So many things happened that it's hard to believe that they are all taken place in 2015. I introduced my new workshop «Power of the Sacred Feminine» which was extremely popular with women with all of the events fully booked before the date. And the last one for the year will take place in Vilnius on the 7-8th of November.

I also introduced a new concert program I'll probably tour in the 2016. Just did 2 performance to see how the audience would love it… and thank you so much for your welcoming response! «Journey of Love» belongs to travelling the world! I do one more concert in Riga on the 3d of November, at the same place as the last year's fully booked gig — Riga Congress Hall.

Don't miss these last events!

On finishing the touring year I trust I finally can come back to creative world to record more music and to finish and put into the world what I've recorded so far. And this year I've recorded 7 new singles in L.A.! All are waiting to be fine tuned and fly out of the window into your computers, cellphones and mp3 players (does anyone still use them?)

Love, Peruquois


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