Opening The Sacred Voice

Opening The Sacred Voice

is a women's chant workshop CD to sing along Peruquois at home. Chants to deepen you into a connectedness with the Mother Earth, sacred feminine within, to bring rest and love in the body. Also designed to help women explore their own inner chants/voice with drum and didgeridoo tracks that have no vocals.

If you get the album of iTunes or Amazon please leave the comments there as they would be invaluable guide to women who yet don't know my work. On leaving rating and comment please connect with me at letting me know which album you get and at which shop — and I'll send you some music/practice material for FREE!


Malene Olivarius
Malene Olivarius

I would like to downloade this album but it can't be done…?!? Both at Amazon, Rahpsody, Tesco… I get this message:

«We're sorry, we have detected that you are outside of the United States. The Rhapsody MP3 Store is currently only available inside the United States.»

I live in Denmark — what to do?? Can anyone help??

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Malene Olivarius
Malene Olivarius

and this «Sorry, but do to international rights agreement we do not offer this service to users located within your country»

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Peruquois Frances
Peruquois Frances

Please try it should work!, love Peruquois

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Peruquois Frances
Peruquois Frances

You may see ReverbNation link in BUY section, love, Peruquois

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Embodiments Dance
Embodiments Dance

I bought this album via reverberation and its beautiful…It was fine last time I played it but now iTunes says the file no longer exists…has this happened before with reverberation? I don't want to have to buy the songs again. Is there any tech support with this? a big ask but I don't know where your songs have gone….I know iTunes can be funny imported things not purchased from its site.. thanks love and blessings sarah

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