Woman's Guide to Wholesome Period — Proud to be a Woman!

Deep and profound journey to acceptance and feeling absolute empowerment by feminine cycle!

This self-help practice CD has also a title song — all women anthem — Proud to be a Woman!

The CD via thorough enquiry and deep guided meditations helps a woman to connect and get a better understanding of her menstrual cycle. Then it leads to exploration of sacred anatomy as well as power behind it. It is a very gently and wholesome journey that leads a woman into a beautiful communion with the most potent inner guide of her life.

It truly touches and opens the very depth of feminine essence!

The last practice on the CD also helps a woman to open a secret door to her creative and personal power and ability to manifest from completely different state of experience!

If you get the album of iTunes or Amazon please leave the comments there as they would be invaluable guide to women who yet don't know my work. On leaving rating and comment please connect with me at letting me know which album you get and at which shop — and I'll send you some music/practice material for FREE!


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